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Lion Hotel
Springs, Gauteng

Arthur James MARSHALL: Architect

Client:Ohlsson's Cape Breweries Ltd.
Street:3rd Ave/2nd/3rd Sts


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26°15'07.95" S 28°26'21.52" E Alt: 1623m

(SAB Oct 1933:34 tend)

Cumming-George 1934

THE building will occupy the whole of a double erven site in Springs Township, with a northern frontage of 150 Cape feet (44.2 metres) on Third Avenue, and 75 Cape feet (22.1 metres) on Second and Third Streets, respectively west and east. It will be three storeys high throughout; with the exception of the kitchen quarters, which are situated in that portion of the site which will be enclosed by the main building on all the street frontages.

With the exception of one large (or alternatively) two smaller shops, the whole of the premises have been designed solely and entirely to provide all the accommodation and requirements of a first-class hotel, and to afford every convenience and appointment for its use, together with the utmost facility for its function, administration, and control.

The entrance to the hotel will be under a projecting porch in the centre of the Third Avenue frontage, leading to the main staircase hall, from which direct access will be obtained to the manager's office, and through the hotel lounge to a very large dining-room which will be two storeys in height. The relationship and the communication between the lounge, dining-room, and the adjacent "open-air court", provides complete freedom of circulation, all three apartments have been designed to permit of their use for any entertainment or social function, in addition to the normal requirements of the hotel.

The requirements of the kitchen and service accommodation have been provided for in a very adequate, and complete manner; and they include the most up-to-date appliances and appointments for the storage, preparation, and service of the food, under effective and hygienic conditions.

Separate mess rooms have been provided on the ground floor, for the use of both the white and native staffs, with adequate W.C. and lavatory accommodation for each.

The hotel bar, and bar lounge will only be accessible to the public through the main entrance hall, and the public bar only direct from the street. The necessary "wash-up" service for both will be by means of a hatchway only, from the separately enclosed bar court at the back of the main block.

The accommodation on the first and second floors provides for a "residents'" lounge and balcony on the first floor, together with forty-one bedrooms (of which nine can be let in three suites, each of three rooms, and twelve in six suites of two rooms each).

If, however, the double room next to the "residents' lounge" on the first floor is used as a "writing-room", the number of the bedrooms will be reduced to thirty-nine.

Eight separate bathrooms (each with lavatory basin) and eight W.C.'s have been provided for residents' use.

In addition to the mess rooms, the staff accommodation will consist of five bedrooms and two bathrooms for white servants, with two large dormitories for the black servants.


All the materials to be used have been carefully selected as the most suitable for their particular purpose on the principle that real economy exists in judicious expenditure, and with full consciousness of the importance of providing the utmost facility for the saving of labour in the effective maintenance of a licensed hotel property.

All the walls (including the internal partitions) will be built of brick, with special facings both inside and outside the building, wherever it has been possible to avoid the use of plaster.

The floors will be constructed in concrete, and finished throughout all the public and bedrooms with parquet blocks of South African hardwood, but with inlaid cork linoleum on the corridors of the two upper storeys, and an impervious surface in the bathrooms and lavatories.

The ceilings will be plastered on the underside of the concrete floors, except under the roof, where they will be laid with insulation sheeting.

The finishings throughout will be of the very best and most suitable material. All the windows will be of steel and the joinery purpose-made. Dadoes of either wood panelling, wall linoleum, brick, or other reasonably indestructible material will be formed round the walls in practically every apartment throughout the building.

The hot water, sanitary, electric light, bell and telephone installations will be of the best and most up-to-date character, and the whole premises will be finished and furnished in a manner fully commensurate with its purpose and requirements.

All truncated references not fully cited below are those of Joanna Walker's original text and cited in full in the 'Bibliography' entry of the Lexicon.

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