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Voortrekkers' Gedenksaal - Memorial Hall
Tshwane (Pretoria), Gauteng

George Esslemont Gordon LEITH: Architect

Street:Visagie St

Cumming George 1933

THE "GEDENKSAAL" at Pretoria, recently designed by Mr. Gordon LEITH, F.R.I.B.A., is in all respects an unconventional concept, executed in a scholarly manner to meet the exigencies of a long narrow site and with a view to expressing the fortitude and simplicity of those whom it was designed to commemorate.

The central entrance doors give access to a wide corridor connecting with an Hypaethral courtyard round which are grouped the lavatories and cloakrooms for Synod members. The walls of the court contain a painted frieze, suggesting the Great Trek. At the far end of this court a broad flight of steps leads down to a spacious coffee room, two lesser flights, flanking it, leading up to the ante-room of the Synod Hall which is panelled and fitted with independent desks and seats for members. Behind the hall a public gallery, capable of seating 250 visitors, is carried over the ante-room, and in this way does not protrude into the hall.

The latter is lit principally by clerestory windows, the hall being cruciform in shape, having a recessed platform for speakers. Behind this two committee rooms are provided together with cloak rooms, etc.

(UWA: V6), erf 697

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