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Wellington Fruit Growers building
Central Cape Town, Western Cape

BAKER and MASEY: Architect
Frederick McIntosh GLENNIE: Architect

Date:1902 : 1934
Street:Darling St/Longmarket St


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Alt: 40m

Designed in 1902 by BAKER and MASEY for D Isaacs and Company. Drawings found in BAKER's offices show a building of five floors with the signage 'D Isaacs Furniture'. The second, third and fourth floors are fine three bay terracotta colonnaded frontage with steel and timber windows and a decorated cornice broken at the centre with cherub head and escutcheon. The terracotta ornaments were done by the Doulton Company of Lambeth. The existing building has 'Wellington Fruit Growers 1934 Ltd' on the front facade which leads one to think that the building must have been sold at that time and the signage changed. The extensions, fifth to seventh floors, were done in the 1938 by GLENNIE Pryce-Lewis list 16 378). They are painted in red ochre, or plastered to match the terracotta. The fifth floor was originally gabled.

(Crump et al 1988:30; UCT BC 206: Box 73)

The building has housed the Eastern Food Bazaar and has carried the sign The Wellington on its Longmarket Street facade since at least 2009.

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