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Angalaman Temple
Cato Manor, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

Suberayaloo Palani CHETTY: Architectural advisor
Type:Hindu Temple
Street:Dromore Rd

The private temples suffered most, so that today only one family shrine, in Dromore Road, is still in existence. Here S. Reddy, a South African born Indian and reputedly the first upholsterer in Durban, purchased three acres (1.214 hectare) of land at a price of 4 shillings per acre in 1895. Twenty five years later, Reddy left the employ of Beares and Saxon and erected his own small upholstery factory on the site.

His wife was a deeply religious person, and to honour her and the goddess Angalaman, he erected an ambitious private temple on the grounds next to his residence. Even though he was an untrained builder, he nevertheless set about constructing the building himself, assisted only by family and friends. Architectural and structural advice he obtained from his friend CHETTY, who was one of the foremost temple builders of the time. Weekends and evenings were spent together with CHETTY constructing the beautiful dome and sculpturing the numerous idols.

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