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House Martienssen - Greenside House
Greenside, Johannesburg, Gauteng

Rex Distin MARTIENSSEN: Architect

Street:53 Cruden Bay Rd


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26°08'40.22" S 28°00'42.92" E Alt: 1597m

MARTIENSSEN’s own house in Greenside is a seminal work which has become a symbol and exemplar of the shifts and changes of the introduction and adaptation of the modern movement in South Africa. Early drawings of the house show the clear influences of Le Corbusier and the compositional influences of Leger. The final design, in its first version, is still in that idiom. The house as built, however, retains the spatial and volumetric relationships but there are significant deviations - a rich stirface modulation and variety of materials, framing of the facade and its articulation as a two-dimensional surface - which all contribute to an almost classical repose.

The references are many: Renaissance frontality, Terragni (with whom MARTIENSSEN was corresponding at the time), Kandinsky, Hilion, Nicholson and Leger.

(Ivor Prinsloo in UIA, 1985: 59)

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