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CTC Bazaars
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

OBEL and GRANT: Architect


Cumming-George 1933

THE C.T.C. new building stands on a plot situated in the centre of the town and in the main street.

The Bazaar occupies three floors, and each floor has a clear space uninterrupted by any stanchions, as the span of 41 ft (12.5 metres). is carried by concrete beams.

The shop fronts are of the latest style in design, and have the base in black plate glass, while all the angles are covered with bright metal cover strips.

The lighting to the Bazaar is by diffused lighting in the angles of the beams, each beam having 48 lights, with a total of 240 lights on each floor.

Access to each floor is by lift around which is a spacious stair.

On the first floor under the balcony, the entire front is fitted with sliding doors so that the tea room inside can be linked into one with the balcony.

The floor immediately over the Bazaar consists of doctors' and dentists' suites, each with their separate waking and work rooms. The remaining three floors consist of flats.

The front facade has the verandah and balcony faces covered with black marble with bright metal angles, and the lettering is also carried out in the same material.

The coping to the balcony and also the roof are covered with green tiles.

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