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House Conradie
Durbanville, Western Cape

Albertus Petrus Snyman CONRADIE: Architect



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33°50'33.31" S 18°38'52.97" E Alt: 180m

In planning this house for himself and his family the architect concentrated in obtaining as much useable space as possible in a small house. The money which would have been spent on a bigger house was used for high-quality finishes.

Most of the exterior brickwork is in "Blue Brindle" facebrick with a panel under the high bedroom windows plastered. The garage, wall leading from the gate to the front wall is plastered and painted yellow with facebricks projecting in a pattern.

The windows set into the gables have a practical value. In the garage the high windows give plenty of light and leave the walls free while in the two bedrooms on the street side they provide light and ventilation with privacy. Opening sections provide a means of allowing the cool breeze to flow through the house.

A loadbearing spine runs the length of the house. It is penetrated by fanlights in the bedroom section while between the living room and dining room, and living room and kitchen it is perforated with lighting in the recesses obtained.

All windows and doors are purpose-made in Philippine mahogany. North side of the living is all glass right up to ceiling level following the shape of the gable. When the curtains are closed there is still a view of the treetops through the high glass. At night with the curtains drawn the lawn is illuminated through the high windows.

The house is placed in the middle of the large plot to give garden space all round and to give distance from the street and neighbouring houses.

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