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Residence Park View
Johannesburg, Gauteng

Charles Edwards CAWSE: Architect

Status:Extant but altered


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26°09'20.84" S 28°01'26.65" E Alt: 1618m

Cumming-George 1934

THIS house, which is of the more modern school, though not of the ultra-modern type, is very simple and restful in its conception.

The lines are simple, there is an entire absence of ornamentation, save in the colouring of the simple wrought iron balustrades of the roof.

The windows, of which there are a larger number than usual, do not expose the rooms too much, the big projecting hood of the main entrance giving a fair amount of shade. Also the flat roof on the side wings contributes in this direction.

Concrete stairs go up to the roof from the side of the house, a plan quite frequently adopted in the modern flat-roof type, as it is argued, the flat roof is generally in use when the weather is good enough for an out-of-door approach. One of the towers on the roof houses the cistern.

The plan is simple, the entrance stoep being paved with brick and slate, a combination which is most pleasing. Within the house the hall and corridors have parquetry floors.

Between the dining-room and the lounge, sliding doors are a convenient asset to merging the rooms each into the other. One notes, too, the very modern treatment of the walls and the pleasing curve where the big bay windows begin.

The lighting brackets are also of a very modern design, and these are supplemented by table lamps for which numerous plugs are provided.

Equipment, floor coverings and furniture, have all contributed to making this a very restful example of the new ideas, not the least of these being the uninterrupted surface of the wall treatment carried from floor to ceiling without any break, and the absence of pictures.

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