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Drying racks and lye-tubs
Gamkaskloof - Die Hel, Western Cape

Type:Farm equipment


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33°21'46.30" S 21°37'21.07" E Alt: 337m

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Drying racks and lye-tubs

These drying racks and lye-tubs were in use until 1991 when the last owner of Ouplaas, Piet Swanepoel, sold the farm. From the 1930s, dried fruit from the Kloof was much sought after by wholesalers. Peaches, apricots, grapes and figs were laid out on the drying racks. Grapes were placed into wire baskets and first soaked in the lye-tubs before they were dried into raisins. A lye mixture made from the lye-ash bush was used for the process.