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PAM Brink Rugby Stadium
Springs, Gauteng

Style:Art Deco - Modern


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26°15'06.45" S 28°25'39.65" E Alt: 1642m

The Stadium is situated on the south side of Olympia Park, on a portion of the original farm 'The Springs', and takes its name from Mr P. A. M. Brink, who played a prominent role in the public life of the town of Springs.

P.A.M. Brink was the first principal of the Dutch-Medium School - established in 1918 - in Springs. Two years later the school became the 'Afrikaansmediumskool' of Springs.

Mr Koos Grabe and Brink founded the Springs Rugby Club in 1923. Brink also served as President of the 'sub-federation' of rugby in the Eastern Transvaal.

Brink was also elected as a Springs town councillor and served two terms as Mayor - in 1932-1933, and 1935-1936.

The Stadium was built in 1944 as a major facility for rugby matches on the East Rand - with a spectator-capacity of 25 000 - and as the headquarters of the Eastern Transvaal Rugby Union.

The Stadium was formally inaugurated on 3 July 1949, on the occasion of a match between Eastern Transvaal and the visiting 'All Blacks' from New Zealand, which match was won by Eastern Transvaal.

The Stadium was subsequently utilised as a 'multi-use' sports facility and hosted many inter-school athletics meetings. In recent times, it was used mostly for soccer matches and was the home ground of the Benoni Premier United team. The facility was at some stage rebranded as the Jabulani Stadium.

The stadium has regrettably fallen into disuse and the local authority is currently (2017) investigating possibilities for an alternative use for the site.

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(William MARTINSON, July 2017)

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