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Lighthouse, Seal Point
Cape St Francis, Eastern Cape

Murrell R ROBINSON: Engineer
Joseph FLACK: Architect Design and Supervising
William Bennett HAYS: Supervising Architect Interim



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34°12'45.13" S 24°50'10.23" E Alt: 7m

Declared a National Monument in 1984.

Built on the recommendations of a Commission of Enquiry to the then Governor of the Cape Colony, Sir Henry Barkly, as to the best means to light that stretch of coast, notorious for the shipwrecks that had occurred there over the period of colonial endeavour.

The Chief Inspector of Public Works, MR ROBINSON, sent drawings to Joseph FLACK, who who was requested to design the tower and who also acted as Clerk-of-Works. B GODFROY of Cape Town was responsible for the construction. Black, alas, died in Cape St Francis during the construction of the project. WB HAYS took the position as Clerk-of Works until G McLELLAN who saw the project through to its end (Williams 1993:68-73).

The lighthouse comprises a circular masonry tower 28m tall, fashioned in Egyptianate style of a column - a reference to the Lighthouse at Alexandria (the Pharos Lighthouse), a popular stylistic allusion for lighthouses of the time (see Holberman 2011:118).

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