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Meat Board Building
Tshwane (Pretoria), Gauteng

Hellmut Wilhem Ernst STAUCH: Architect

Style:Little Brazil


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25°44'36.70" S 28°12'21.49" E

STAUCH's buildings in the 1930s and 40s attempted to devise a rational style compatible with local conditions, within the Bauhaus influence. The form of the Meat Board building - a simple block deeply modulated for sun-screening, on elegantly cylindrical columns, with a freely planned ground floor garden - clearly refers to Brazilian work. So does the curvilinear board room and brightly coloured mosaics on spandrels and piloti. The shift, contemporaneous with that to neo-classicism and New Empiricism in other parts of the country, had considerable influence - particularly in Pretoria, where many buildings appeared in this plastic and exuberant mode.

(Julian Cooke in UIA, 1985: 61)

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Note: The photographs on the right are of the presentation model donated by STAUCH to the University of Pretoria where it is now housed at the Department of Architecture.

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