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Hanover House
Cape Town, Western Cape

Herman SCHUTTE: Architect
Date:after 1806
Status:Demolished 1901

This homestead, built for Schutte's own use, occupied a parcel of land granted to Lieutenant Colonel Barlow. After his death soon thereafter in 1806, it was acquired by Tennant who sold a third of the grant to Schutte. On taking possession Schutte built a brick-kiln on the property, it being then known as Steenbrandery (Brick Kiln). He built an impressive home which he named after his place of birth in Germany, Hanover (which in turn lent its name to Hanover Street of District Six). The fanlight, done by his colleague, Anton ANREITH, is recorded in a drawing by a descendent. Schutte, with his wife, Christina Voges, occupied the home for over 40 years. (Hislop 2018 102-103; 106)

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