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Hirsch's Temperance Hotel - Scowen's Hotel - Marine Hotel
Muizenberg, Western Cape

Johannes Egbertus VIXSEBOXSE: Architect 1898
JONES and DAY: Architect 1908

Date:1892 : 1898 : 1908


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34°06'25.03" S 18°28'05.20" E Alt: 13m

Hirsch's Temperance Hotel - later Scowen's Hotel and thereafter the Marine Hotel.

Mr Hirsch, who with his wife sold refreshments on Muizenberg Station soon after the railway arrived in 1882, built Hirsch's Temperance Hotel in 1892. This was sold to Mr Harry Scowen in 1895. He initially retained the name but on obtaining a liquor license in 1900 changed it to Scowen's Hotel.

In 1901 extensive alterations and improvements were completed and opened in January 1902. The new building comprised a dining-room which could seat a hundred people, a drawing-room, a billiard room and thirty bedrooms, while there was an annex of row-cottages for fifty or more guests.

In May 1902 Harry Scowen decided to replace his present bar on Main Road with a more substantial and presentable structure. This structure provided for a new bar, a cottage wing to accommodate five shops, a billiard room to hold two tables, and other accessories as required for a first.class and up-to-date hotel.

Built on the site of the old hotel, it had all the advantages of a charming situation, combined with the latest modern conveniences. It was fitted with sanitary arrangements as good as circumstances permitted. Electric lights had been installed -the first in Muizenberg -and the furniture and general fittings were of the best and most comfortable.

In February 1908 the hotel was sold in Scowen's insolvent estate to Mr E.H. Jones, who did extensive renovations and renamed it Marine Hotel.

The Marine changed hands several times after E. H. Jones' ownership, and continued operating as a hotel until in 1990, it was sold and subsequently demolished to make way for the Shoprite Checkers store now there. At the time the architect Barry SLAVIN tried to preserve the art deco entrance facade of the hotel, but unfortunately the demolition firm destroyed it.

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