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Jumu'ah Masjid - Kerk Street Mosque
Johannesburg, Gauteng

Muhammad MAYET: Architect



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26°12'11.20" S 28°02'16.89" E Alt: 1755m

The first mosque on this site was a wood and iron building built in 1906. This was replaced in 1918 with an attractive square, two-storey building with a three-tiered minaret on each corner (see Jumu'ah Masjid (Jooma Masgid) Mosque, Kerk Street Mosque (Second)). In the 1980s it became too small for the Muslim community and they approached the National Monuments Council to have it replaced. The NMC was reluctant but eventually gave in and the building was demolished in 1989 to be replaced with the current one completed in 1991.

(City of Johannesburg)

Kerk Street Mosque in Johannesburg consists of 1,2 million bricks. The very large structure required a period of rest for settlement of the structural brickwork comprising many brick vaults, arches and other compressive structures before plastering and decoration could begin. The photographs above were taken during construction, the beautiful brickwork has since been plastered by master craftsman especially trained and skilled in the traditions of decorative gypsum plaster

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