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Komani (Queenstown), Eastern Cape

Type:Town Square


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31°53'45.29" S 26°52'15.45" E Alt: 1079m

Queenstown's unusual layout around a central hexagon reflects its origin as a defensive stronghold for the frontier area.

The central hexagonal area around which the town is laid out, was intended to provide refuge for the British residents in time of attack, while canon or rifle fire could be directed down the six thoroughfares radiating from it. Fortunately, the hexagon never was used for its intended purpose. Subsequently, the hexagon became a market place and later, the canon sites were replaced with gardens with a fountain in the centre. An abstract sculpture replaced the fountain as part of the town's 150th anniversary in 2003. Today, the Hexagon remains a distinguishing feature of Queenstown.

(Wikipedia; Queenstown website)

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