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Lamson Paragon - Cape Town Science Centre
Observatory, Cape Town, Western Cape

Max POLICANSKY: Architect

Date:1946 : 2011
Status:Adaptive re-use
Street:Main Road

An office block in front of an existing factory, which was extended and which itself had an allowance for vertical extension on a flat concrete roof which was used as an interim proposal as an amenity for office staff. Building entered from Main Road, under a showroom. This building provided a facade behind which certain factory spaces function.

(Righini 1977:53)

Refurbished for the Cape Town Science Centre in 2011. (Arthur Radburn, April 2024)

Books that reference Lamson Paragon - Cape Town Science Centre

Righini, Paul. 1977The work of Max Policansky. isilili sam sise africa : a journal of architecture and human settlements - University of Cape Town in Volume 1, Number 1. pp 53