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House Mckay
Morningside, Sandton, Gauteng

Michael Kenneth SCHOLES: Design Architect

1993SAIA Award of Merit

House Mckay – Addition to House Falconer – Completed 1991

The problem addressed in this design was how to extend the contained rectangle of the original house - solved with a transparent link to a triangular, double storey structure, wedged between the existing house, the boundary and the existing trees on the site.

Hard brick surfaces with glass-brick walls afford privacy from the street. A glass facade allows the trees to become a visual part of the bedroom suite.

Zones within the triangle are differentiated into lounge, sleeping, gym and bathroom spaces.

A new dining room is given emphasis with a copper barrel vault roof. A linear fishpond allows the original axis from the entrance through to the line of plane trees.

Comments from the Award of Merit Panel of Judges

A building exquisitely detailed by an experienced hand which employs an interplay of materials and an interaction of spaces, internally and externally, with the utmost confidence and calm.

Although the building is very slick, it projects a feeling of a warm, comfortable and cosy home.

The house has undergone 2 phases of expansion after the completion of the original, and one cannot help noticing in various parts, the slight change of hand and architectural conviction of the different owners.

Regardless of these little quirks in architectural personality which add to the character, the building does hang together.

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