365 Drawings - September


Shaun Gaylard: RSA365 - A drawing a day for a year

“My love-affair of architecture and drawing buildings goes back many years. From a child I was deeply interested in architecture. I would wait for the monthly edition magazines on architecture and interiors, albeit living in a small town, my choices were limited and the magazines narrow and mostly residential. This passion, though always evolving has stayed with me, even through the 6 years of university with far too many sunrises spent in the architecture studio.

“I have been practicing as an architect since graduating in 2009. Alongside my career I have been drawing, illustrating and documenting local and international buildings.

“In 2013 I turned my hobby into a business and opened up my company, Blank Ink Design. The idea being that I could merge my two passions, architecture and drawing. But I didn't just want to draw buildings, I wanted to tell a story through architectural city guides. I have a theme/thread that ties all my work together is that of a chronological documentation of a city or country's architecture. This births a narrative, a story line or even social commentary to each work that I produce. The title of each work is highlighted with an acronym of the name, similar to that of an airport which is a nod to the idea of travel and exploration. My guides are a map for those who have visited the cities, explored the streets and delved into the history but they're also for those who dream to visit the buildings and their cities.”

In 2020 Shaun set himself a target of drawing 365 buildings during the course of the year. Artefacts is very pleased to have the opportunity to display the drawings here.