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KENNEDY, Alexander MacFarlane

Born: 1877
Died: 1967 11


Reg No: 59
Year registered: 1927

Spent most of his career as a senior partner To the firm of KALLENBACH & KENNEDY, later KALLENBACH, KENNEDY & FURNER. He was born in Stirlingshire but nothing is yet known of his training. He appears to have had about two years experience as an architect before he was next recorded as a member of the Association of Transvaal Architects in 1909. It is not currently known when he arrived in South Africa. In about 1909 he entered into partnership with H KALLENBACH and worked in Johannesburg with Kallenbach until he left for Canada around 1913, remaining in Canada until Kallenbach invited him to return to South Africa in about 1921.

According to the Public Archives of Nova Scotia where Kennedy settled in Bridgetown, he 'went in for orcharding' (he had been beset in South Africa by Kallenbach's excursions into the simple life advocated by Gandhi. Could this have led to his immediate choice of work?) Later, in Bridgetown, becoming a member of AR Cobb's firm To 1917. His name is connected as a drawer and/or tracer with some half-dozen buildings designed in Cobb's office, the last dating from 10 December 1921. While in Nova Scotia, in giving testimony at a trial (n.d.) he stated that he had fourteen years experience as an architect. He returned to South Africa at Kallenbach's invitation and re-entered into partnership with Kallenbach. In about 1924 he was listed resident in Durban where for a time he ran the business, a registered member of the Natal Institute of Architect and Natal Provincial Institute of Architects from which he resigned 1 January 1946, a year after Kallenbach's death. In the same year he resigned from the ISAA. In 1928 AS FURNER Joined the partners (cf. KALLENBACH, KENNEDY & FURNER). From 1946 the firm continued as Kennedy & Furner but later became Kennedy, Furner, Irvine-Smith & Joubert. Kennedy lived at Steepway, The Ridge Road, Linksfield, not far from where Kallenbach lived. In 1959 he was a partner in the firm KENNEDY, FURNER, IRVINE-SMITH & JOUBERT, their address was 802 Leisk House, Rissik Street, (Box 2493), Johannesburg. He died in Johannesburg. The obituary list in the South African who's Who (1968) noted Kennedy as a 'pioneer architect' in Johannesburg (i.e. arrived in Johannesburg by at least the 1890s.) One Kennedy, an architect did in fact attend an early meeting of the proposed South African Society of Architects (SASA) in Cape Town in 1901, at which he described himself as 'a refugee from Johannesburg', this was during the Anglo-Boer War.

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All truncated references not fully cited in 'References' are those of Joanna Walker's original text and cited in full in the 'Bibliography' entry of the Lexicon.

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