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BALI, Rangton van

Born: 1673
Died: 1720 03


Born in Randoe on the slopes of Mount Batukau, near Mageng, Buleleng on the island of Bali in what is now part of Indonesia. Rangton van BALI was captured on the island of Bali, possibly as a prisoner-of-war, sold into slavery in Jakarta to Jacob de Jong, a well known Cape slave trader who shipped him out on the flute the Swaag. He was brought to the Cape where he was in turn sold to Samuel Elsevier, the Fiscal of Governor Simon van der Stel, to whom Elsevier was related by marriage. Rangton was a skilled carpenter who eventually bought his own freedom in 1712. He relocated to Stellenbosch and practiced as a successful artisan until his death in 1720.

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Elsenburg: 1700s : 1915. Klapmuts, Western Cape - Artisan 1700s