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Born: fl. 1896
Died: 1909


Goodall's origins and training are unknown. He was employed as a draughtsman in the office of PARKER & FORSYTH in Cape Town where a number of drawings, dated between 1896 and 1899, executed and signed by him have been found in the accession list to the PARKER BIELD Gift. These are noted for their 'outstanding draughtsmanship'. At some point, probably around 1908, Goodall left Parker's office. He seems to have entered into an association or partnership with GG HENDERSON and together they submitted a design for the Pretoria Post Office competition in September 1908 (cf GOODALL & HENDERSON). From an address at Alexander Buildings in Pretoria Goodall informed the Secretary of Public Works at the end of September that 'Mr G Henderson of the firm Goodall & Henderson, Architects, Pretoria, has severed his connection with the firm and I am carrying on the business under my own name at the same address' (TAD PWD 3253 vol 2). Goodall was not listed in the 1909 United Transvaal Directory in Pretoria but was listed practising on his own account and sharing the same address as GG Henderson in Cape Town in 1909, possibly a directory updating error. Nothing further is known of Goodall.

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