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COHEN, Ronald

Born: 1936
Died: 2007


BArch 1960s (Witwatersrand)

Ronald COHEN was born in Bloemfontein into a very safe, secure and artistic family. He completed all his schooling at Christian Brothers' College. Thereafter, he went to Witwatersrand University to study Economics - misguidedly as it turned out. Being at university brought him into contact with what became one of his greatest interests: architecture. He swiftly changed to that discipline, and graduated in the mid-1960s.

Dissatisfaction with the social situation in South Africa motivated him to travel and look for adventure. This involved a great deal of travel in Europe and a year's stay in Amsterdam, where he began to focus more on interior design. He then moved to London at the height of its 'swinging' era.

He established a successful interior design practice, and travelled extensively in South America, West Africa, the USA, Europe and the Middle East - always carrying with him his watercolours and papers.

He exhibited several times at the Institute of Architect Artists; and held mixed exhibitions at the Royal Institute of British Architects.

(Cape Town : a study in watercolours)

Books by COHEN

Cohen, Ronald. 2015. Cape Town : a study in watercolours. Cape Town: Fernwood Press