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GALPIN, Henry Carter

Born: 1820 06 16
Died: 1886 02 13


Galpin arrived in South Africa (Cape) in 1848. He was born in Charmouth, Dorset, England and had trained in England as an architect and civil engineer and a clockmaker. He won the competition to design the hothouse in the Cape Town Gardens. The prize was £100. By 1849 he was living in Grahamstown, retiring prematurely from practice as a surveyor for health reasons. He was instrumental in identifying the first diamond as such in South Africa. He worked thereafter as a clockmaker and built himself a house in Grahamstown which has become a landmark, including as it did an observatory and a camera obscura. The latter is still working, after careful restoration. The house, previously known as the Tower House, is now the Observatory Museum. Only one of the towers still exists. Galpin died in Grahamstown.

(Historia Dec 1961, article by R Snyman; SESA 5:107)

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Company Gardens, Hothouse: c1848. Central, Cape Town, Western Cape - Architect
House Galpin: Tower house, (now the Observatory Museum): 1850 : 1982. Makhanda (Grahamstown), Eastern Cape - Architect

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