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List of Projects

FRIPP, George Utting

Born: 1884 03 06
Died: 1953 11 18


Born in Beaufort West, Fripp began his architectural career in the office of REID & EAST in Cape Town in 1902. He remained with them for seven years. In May 1909 he entered the PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT, resigning in July 1910 to take up a more senior post with the Rhodesian (Zimbabwean) Government. He held this appointment until 1914 during which period he was responsible for the new Salisbury Hospital. He was placed second with FW MASEY in the competition for the Salisbury Municipal Offices (n.d.) and was placed in the competition for the Ramblers' Club, Bloemfontein (n.d.). He rejoined the PWD in September 1918 and resigned in November 1921. In August 1924 he joined the City Council, Pretoria and was responsible for the first Fountains Kiosk before rejoining the PWD in December 1928. He was retrenched in August 1932 but again rejoined the PWD in November 1932. He remained with the PWD for the rest of his career. As a young man he was an outstanding cyclist, winning fifty-seven Cape Colony and Western Province Championships. He resigned from the ISAA in 1941 and died in Pretoria having lived latterly at 2 Maxfeld Mansions in Andries St, Pretoria.

ISAA 1927. (ISAA mem list; SAAR Feb 1954:44, obit, portr; TAD MHG 7166/53)

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List of projects

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Fountains Kiosk - First: c1924. Tshwane (Pretoria), Gauteng - Design architect

Books citing FRIPP

ISAA. 1927. Register of Members the Institute of South African Architects. Johannesburg: ISAA (Unpublished Record). pp F13