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MADEN, James

Born: 1842 04 13
Died: after 1909


Government Engineer, Town Engineer, Claremont, Cape Colony.

MADEN was born in at Stonefold, Haslingden, Lancashire, England.; son of George and Dinah Maden. He records that he was self-educated at home as well as having spent two quarters at Night Class. He served as Town Councillor in his home town Accrington from 1882 until 1891. Here he also superintended the erection of six Cotton Mills, a Corn Mill and Simon Carves' Patent Coke Ovens and Colliery Works.

Mader came to the Cape Colony on 22 May 1892 for reasons of of health. Here he is best known for his Dutch Reformed Church of Beaufort West and the Waterworks, Storm-water Drainage, Road and Bridge Works, of Claremont, Cape. He was also responsible for the additions to Oak Villa, Stegmann Road, Claremont.

On 19 November 1864 he had married Sarah Owen, daughter of of William and Alice Owen, at Accrington, Lanes., England with whom he had six children (4 daughters and 2 sons). (South African Who's Who. 1909: 305)

Submitted by William MARTINSON

There was a James MADEN working as the Municipal and Waterworks Engineer at the Port of East London in the 1890s, probably the same person.

James (Jas) MADEN was possibly his son (nephew?).

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Grosvenor Hotel: 18?? : 1907. Rosebank, Cape Town, Western Cape - Architect (Alts and Adds) *
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk - Second: 1892 : 1919. Beaufort West, Western Cape - Project Architect
Stable Foreman Single-Storey Cottage: 1907. Claremont, Cape Town, Western Cape - Architect *