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Born: 1928 07 13


DipArch (Pretoria) 1953

Founding principal and partner of VLOK & VAN DER WESTHUIZEN ARCHITECTS. Recipient of the Medal of Distinction from the South African Institute of Architects.


Born on Friday, 13th (it figures) July 1928, qualified at the University of Pretoria in 1951 and has been a senior partner in practice since April Fool's Day (again it figures) 1955.

He has served on the Transvaal Provincial Committee, the Finance Committee and the RD & S Committee since 1978. This year he was elected a member of the National Board and was invited to serve on the National Board and was invited to serve on the Joint Study Committee and the Education Advisory Committee. He is TPI [Transvaal Provincial Institute] representative on the 1981 Conference Committee.

He is known as something of a rebel (within the TPI) coming from north of the border (the Hennops River). Being a great stickler for correct meeting procedure has earned himself the name of "Mr Constitution" by the Secretariat.

Is concerned about the apparent lack of status of the present day Architect, and also concerned about the fact that an alarmingly large percentage of practising architects appear to be incapable of taking a full brief and designing and documenting a building which, while being an asset to the environment, does not involve the client in major costs overruns, nor is unacceptably late in completion.

His spare time interests include the making of serious wildlife cine films, golf (single figure handicap for the past 34 years!), woodwork, books and supporting the members of his family in their activities, albeit sailing, motocross, radio controlled model gliders, rock climbing, scuba diving — you name it.

Very happily married, has three kids so far — ages 23, 21 and 18.

(Transvaal Provincial Institute/TPI News Nr. 10., 1981)
Submitted by Karlien van Niekerk


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