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BAKKER, Hendrik Anthony



(BArch 1964 (Pretoria))

Henk decided to become an architect when, as a young child, his grandfather pointed out the interesting points of the various buildings with architectural merit in the town in which he grew up.

Gio Ponti is the person who most inspired him and Henk urges anyone to read his book 'In Praise of Architecture'

Henk claims his "Most admired contemporary work in Pretoria is Norman EATON's Wachthuis building (Polleys Arcade) between Pretorius and Schoeman Streets, but do not forget his other jewel, the new Netherlands Bank in Church Street, and in particular its garden terrace on its northern first floor level (out of sight from the public). Then perhaps the sculptural 'coke bottle' Volkskas building - no longer obvious to the eye after recent work to the building". He continues "I most wish to be remembered perhaps for the house for my parents in Murray Street; the problem is that subsequent owners change so much that it is no longer one's Pride".

Henk has been involved in the design and, usually, the execution of private residences, old age home, clinics, mental hospital, maximum security building, office buildings, factories, art showroom, municipal offices, design/planning of a new town, renovations to various buildings, schools, holiday resorts, geodesic dome buildings, experimental mud/adobe building, church acoustics, sectional title work, housing project, town centre design, sport buildings, agricultural buildings.

Henk recalls "On the first project I did, I and the building contractor differed sometimes but generally got along with each other. When we clashed, that was the time when I most learnt from Oom Tobie LOUW's class notes, Quail, McKenzie and others who had advice on the then building contract. Twenty five years later, we were inviteed to a big party by the same building contractors. It was their twenty-fifth anniversary. They then told us that their first building contract had been the same job we were involved in, and that they too would study their rights as much as I had done". One of his favourite stories is " I heard from a then Liaison Architect of the DPW whom I worked for once. An architect in Cape Town was doing a job for them. The Liaison Architect at the DPW had for a long time heard nothing from the Cape Town architect, and rang him up, asking 'how is the job going?', and he got as answer 'What job?'"

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TriBeCa Head Office and Factory: n.d.. Centurion, Gauteng - Design Architect

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