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AS Joffe was a product of Imperial College, London (Chipkin 1993:253). He established AS JOFFE & Co which later became known as the NATIONAL REINFORCED CONCRETE CO (PTY) LTD. In 1921 they designed what was possibly the first reinforced concrete framed building in South Africa, Transvaal Hat and Cap in Troye St, Johannesburg (thereafter strengthened and increased in height as the Gallo Building). In 1930-31 AS JOFFE & Co pioneered the construction of flat slab warehouses in South Africa, designing a three storeyed warehouse of 36,0 m x 15,0 m for Mrs William Hunt Stores, Johannesburg, in 1927. Joffe associated with GA CLARK in an abortive attempt to formulate a code of practice for reinforced concrete, primarily as a guide to the Johannesburg Town Engineer. At the time the London Town Council’s Regulations were deemed unsatisfactory, CLARK preferring the recommendations of the RIBA select committee. The CLARK-JOFFE proposals anticipated much of the revised British codes.

[FREEDMAN, R. 1964. Structural concrete in South Africa. Johannesburg: SA Reinforced Concrete Engineers Ass. p. 47.]

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Park Station : Johannesburg Main Railway Station: 1960s. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Engineer
Transvaal Hat and Cap: 1921. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Engineer

Books citing JOFFE

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