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SMIT, Wynand

Born: fl 1947
Died: 1998 11 17


Reg No: 1008
Year registered: 1947

(DipArch 1947 (Pretoria))

In 1959 SMIT was in partnership with Ben Wynand VILJOEN in the firm SMIT & VILJOEN, they were later joined by CS DANEEL and the name of the firm changed to DANEEL SMIT & VILJOEN.

In 1966 he was a signatory to the broadsheet, CREDO

Wynand Smit - a tribute - 18 November 1998

Wynand Smit died yesterday "To thine own self be true - thou canst not then be false to any man" could have been written for Wynand. He was my studio master in 1947, when he was a final-year student in the University of Pretoria, instrumental in painting on the studio wall a scale copy of 'Guernica'. He and Ben Viljoen would later form a renowned architectural partnership, and his deep interest in art never flagged. Younger architects and artists remember him using a walking-stick after a disastrous car accident; I remember him as a man with unflagging energy and enthusiasm for that which he held dear, an intolerance for fools and a ready smile. Much has been and will be written about him. He was one of our best architects and greatest patron of the arts. We will miss him.

(PIA, submitted by Arthur BARKER)

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House Smit: c1960. Luckasrand, Tshwane (Pretoria), Gauteng - Architect