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ALLEN, Charles Joseph, O'Gallagher

Born: 1854
Died: 1914 02 15


Born in Dublin and probably trained there, Allen is first mentioned in South Africa in 1897 in Natal when he forwarded elevation drawings of a new Band Stand for approval by the Natal Government (Jubilee Band Stand?). He is possibly the same Mr Allen mentioned by Robert HARVEY as practising in Dundee, Natal, 1902. He married in Sydenham, Durban, before he left Natal, probably for the Orange River Colony as he made his will at Vredefort in the Orange Free State in 1908. Allen appears to have turned to prospecting in addition to architecture his death certificate described him as 'architect and prospector'. He died in Pietersburg, Transvaal. His brother was William Humphreys Allen, Dean of the College of Pharmacy and Chemistry, Detroit, USA.

(NAD cf Robert HARVEY; TAD MHG 23823)

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