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List of Projects


Established: 1884
Ended: 1893


A partnership between F Lennox CANNING and F GOAD from about 1884 to about 1893 began in Queenstown in the year that Canning won the open competition for the Presidency in Bloemfontein. The partners had an office in Bloemfontein in 1886 while the building was being erected. They were awarded the commission for the design of the fourth Raadzaal building, Bloemfontein in 1889, thus executing two of the most important buildings in Bloemfontein at the time. Johannesburg provided the partners with their greatest opportunities. Canning's obituary in The Friend gives circa 1888 as the date of the partners' arrival in Johannesburg and states they were co-architects with AH REID & McCOWAT of the Rand Club (1889-90) in Johannesburg and a letter (1894) refers to a parsonage for the Dutch Reformed Church built to plans drawn by the firm in March 1888 for which the Church Council did not want to pay the architects, costs being more than originally estimated. The case was brought by Canning before the Landdrost in December 1888 and was won by him, becoming a legal precedent. In 1889 they won the competition for the fourth Raadzaal building in Bloemfontein, supervised by J Collingwood TULLY and in the same year they were commissioned to carry out the second stock exchange building (1889-1890) in Johannesburg, added to in 1893 by AH REID.

Although the partners had an office in Pretoria, there is no evidence yet of any work there by them. In their ten year partnership Canning & Goad were responsible to some ultimately prestigious clients, among them Barney Barnato for whom they designed Barnato Building in 1890. The partnership came to an end with Goad's violent death after which Canning practised on his own account until his own death two years later. Only a few of their buildings survive, notably in Bloemfontein.

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All truncated references not fully cited in 'References' are those of Joanna Walker's original text and cited in full in the 'Bibliography' entry of the Lexicon.

List of projects

With photographs
With notes

Arcade Building: 1889-1890. Central, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Barnato Buildings: 1890 : 1892. Central, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Bettelheim Building: 1889. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Colonnade Bldg: 1889. Central, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Commercial Bldg: pre-1895. Central, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Doornfontein Club: 1889. Doornfontein, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Globe Theatre: 1889. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk Parsonage: 1888?. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Presidency: 1884-1886. Bloemfontein, Free State - Architect
Raadsaal - Fourth: 1893. Bloemfontein, Free State - Architect
Rand Club: 1889. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Robinson Bldg: c1893. Central, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Royal Chambers: pre-1905. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Saratoga Villa for SB Height: 1889. Doornfontein, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Stock Exchange Building - Second: 1889. Central, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect