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HOLMES, Marcus

Born: 1952 05 14


BArch 1977 (Witwatersrand)

Born in Oxford. A mathematician and boat-builder from the earliest days. Destined to become an engineer; took fright and studied architecture at the University of the Witwatersrand instead. Happiest while physically involved in construction - the role of the master builder-architect most necessary for the making of fine buildings and from which most architects are excluded. Fascinated by the challenges of and the lessons to be learnt from restoration. Then in practice (formally) for five years, with Mira FASSLER-KAMSTRA, Both preoccupied in search for a timeless architecture which transcends the fashion of the day while being firmly rooted to its context of both time and space.

(UIA Issue 8, 1985)

Books citing HOLMES

Beck, Haig (Editor). 1985. UIA International Architect : Southern Africa (Issue 8). London: International Architect. pp inner back cover, 50-51

Entries in books by HOLMES

Holmes, Marcus. Fassler-Kamstra Holmes. Two Verandahed Houses, Transvaal (1975 and 1980). In UIA International Architect : Southern Africa (Issue 8). 1985. International Architect