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PHILIP, William

Died: 1845


Surveyor - engineer

In 1841 William PHILIP, a son of Dr. Philip came to Hankey. He was practical, enterprising and ingenious and a man who had experience of all sorts of things. He was a sailor for many years and was later promoted to the rank of ship's officer, but he bid the sea farewell and came to stay with his parents in Cape Town from 1834 till 1836. Here he studied surveying. Then he went to England to qualify as a missionary. At Hankey he devised all sorts of activities to keep the Khoikhoi busy and also to feed them. He built a blacksmith's shop and began wagon-building, but he devoted himself more particularly to cattle-farming and the cultivation of fruit and vegetables.

In 1845, hardly a year after the completion of the irrigation tunnel he had masterminded, designed and had built he was mysteriously drowned in the Klein River which flows through the village. His brother, Duran Philip, succeeded him. Shortly after their father, Dr. John Philip, a disappointed and broken man, also came to live at Hankey where he died in 1851.

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William Philip Irrigation Tunnel: 1842-1945. Hankey, Eastern Cape - Engineer

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