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BULLOCK, Charles

Born: 1870
Died: 1909 08 24


Was in private practice in Oudtshoorn from 1903 until his early death in 1909. He designed a number of buildings in Oudtshoorn of which several have survived intact. Among his best-known buildings are those built for the ostrich-feather magnates. Born in Hassock in England he came to the Cape in the early 1890s, working in the PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT in Cape Town. After a short time he transferred to Oudtshoorn where he worked in conjunction with JE VIXSEBOXSE for the Public Works Department. In 1903 he resigned from the public service and set up his own practice in the town as an architect and building surveyor. During the Anglo-Boer War he was a member of the Town Guard. In 1907 VIXSEBOXSE joined him (cf BULLOCK & VIXSEBOXSE) [However, whether this practice actually existed is disputed by current researchers who find no evidence to support this and it remains a contentious record (Eds, 2014)]. Bullock practised for six years as a private architect, designing about sixteen public buildings and houses. When DA McCUBBIN, REID's Clerk of Works, was recalled to Cape Town, Bullock was appointed in his place to supervise from 1903 the building of the Standard Bank in Oudtshoorn for REID, AH & W, the building was completed in 1904. Bullock showed a particular and consistent preference for elements of French architecture, mansarded turrets and Art Nouveau details. His public buildings of which the Boys' High School (1907) now the CP Nel Museum, was one of the largest, are broadly classical; his use of local sandstone adds to the impressive quality of his work.

(Ferreira 1985; Picton-Seymour 1977; Restorica Jul 1982:11-30)

All truncated references not fully cited in 'References' are those of Joanna Walker's original text and cited in full in the 'Bibliography' entry of the Lexicon.

List of projects

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With notes

Boys' Public School: 1906. Riversdale, Western Cape - Architect
Criterion Hotel: 1908. Oudtshoorn, Western Cape - Architect
Girls' High School: 1904. George, Western Cape - Architect
Girls' High School: 1905. Oudtshoorn, Western Cape - Architect
House G Olivier: The Towers: 1902. Oudtshoorn, Western Cape - Architect
House JA Foster: Foster's Folly: 1902. Oudtshoorn, Western Cape - Architect
House Lind - Gottland House: 1902. Oudtshoorn, Western Cape - Architect
House O Fourie: Die Denne: 1907. Rooiheuwel, Western Cape - Architect
House O Olivier: c1908. Oudtshoorn, Western Cape - Architect
House P Lategan: 1906. Wynandsrivier, Western Cape - Architect
House SG Schoeman, now Dept Agric Services: 1908. Rooiheuwel, Western Cape - Architect
Imperial Hotel: n.d. : 1906. Oudtshoorn, Western Cape - Architect
Le Roux Townhouse: 1909-1910. Oudtshoorn, Western Cape - Architect
Public Library: 1904. George, Western Cape - Architect
Public School: 1905. Uniondale, Western Cape - Architect
Sladowski House - Mimosa Lodge: 1907. Oudtshoorn, Western Cape - Architect
Standard Bank: 1902-1904. Oudtshoorn, Western Cape - Project Architect

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