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TIMLIN, William Mitcheson

Born: 1892 04 11
Died: 1943 06 06


Was born in Ashington, Northumberland, England and studied art at the Armstrong College of Art, Newcastle-on-Tyne to which he had won a scholarship from Morpeth Grammar School. In 1912, aged about twenty, he accompanied his parents to Kimberley and was apprenticed there to DW GREATBATCH. In Kimberley he passed the South Kensington Board of Education Art examinations with Honours and in 1914 founded the Art section of the Kimberley Club. In about 1920 Timlin entered into partnership with Greatbatch (cf. GREATBATCH & TIMLIN) in Kimberley. Greatbatch left South Africa in 1921 and Timlin continued the practice in Kimberley under the same style. The firm executed a large number of buildings, not all of them very distinguished, in Kimberley. After 1921 the work of Greatbatch & Timlin should be considered to be that of Timlin. Timlin is more widely known in South Africa for his illustrations, drawings and paintings. He had a fine gift for fantasy of which the best examples were for the interior work of several atmospheric theatres in the country which provided him with a unique outlet for this talent. His most famous interior was that of the Colosseum Theatre in Johannesburg, tragically demolished with the building in 1985. He was connected with the design for the interior of the Alhambra Theatre in Cape Town, a drawing of which was published in the Architect, Builder & Engineer (Jul 1928:7). He wrote and illustrated a book in 1923, The Ship that sailed to Mars; the film rights of the book were bought by a group in America, not yet identified. The film was to be called 'Get off the Earth', but was never made. In 1926 he was the subject of an article by the art critic D LEFEBVRE, published in the South African Architectural Record (Dec 1926:98-99). Timlin painted and worked in water colours and pastels, holding several exhibitions which were well received. Some of his paintings which were in the collection of the Athenaeum are now in the William Humphries Collection in Kimberley, and was chairman of the Athenaeum in its early years until its disbandment in the 1940s. He exhibited at the annual exhibitions of the South African Academy [of Arts] on a regular basis from the first held in 1919 until his death. Apart from drawing and painting Timlin wrote music and worked as an etcher and an illustrator of several more books, among which are some by Hedley Chilvers. In March 1934 he designed the illuminated address presented by the Municipality of Kimberley to HRH Prince George on his visit there. In 1936 he travelled to Java by way of Zanzibar, returning to practise in Kimberley where he died several years later, aged fifty-one of inflammation of the lungs. He was reputed to own the most beautiful toy collection in South Africa.

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Publ: The ship that sailed to Mars, 1923; South Africa: a series of pencil sketches, 1927; Sketches for The building of a fairy city, c1925; illustrations for Out of the crucible by Hedley Chilvers, 1929; illustrations for Kalahari kaskenades (Kalahari pranks), Hobson Bros. 1929

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List of projects

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Alexandersfontein Hotel: 1900-1902 : 1907. Kimberley, Northern Cape - Architect 1907
Alhambra Theatre: 1929-1930. Cape Town, Western Cape - Architect interior
Christian Brothers' College: 1905 : pre-1933 : 1933. Kimberley, Northern Cape - Architect
Church: 1930. Sydney-on-Vaal, Northern Cape - Design Architect
Colosseum Theatre: 1931. Central, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Golf Club, extensive alt: 1932. Kimberley, Northern Cape - Architect
Great (First World) War Memorial - The Cenotaph: 1927. Belgravia, Kimberley, Northern Cape - Architect
High School: 1928. Vryburg, North West - Architect
Kimberley Boys' High School: 1913. Kimberley, Northern Cape - Architect apprentice
Kimberley Girls' High School: 1905 : 1913. Kimberley, Northern Cape - Architect lych gate 1913
Kimberley Hospital, memorial window: 1927. Kimberley, Northern Cape - Architect
Memorial to Col Sir David Harris, KCMG, VD: 1930. Kimberley, Northern Cape - Architect
Memorial to Maj Gen Sir HT Lukin - Pedestal: 1934. Kimberley, Northern Cape - Architect
Old Boys' War Memorial at the Christian Brothers' College: n.d.. Kimberley, Northern Cape - Architect
Queen's Hotel: 1938. Bloemfontein, Free State - Architect
Tucker's Hotel: n.d.. Heilbron, Free State - Architect

Books by TIMLIN

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Hobson, GC , Hobson, SB & Timlin, William M. 1931. Kees van die Kalaharie - with illustrations by W.M. Timlin. Pretoria: J.L. Van Schaik

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