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RUTGERS, Jan Hendrik

Born: 1867
Died: 1928


Was born in Doesburg, Netherlands and married in the Netherlands. It is not certain when he came to South Africa but it was likely to have been during the time of President Kruger (c1890). He worked for the Department of Public Works of the Transvaal Republic, initially as clerical helper in WIERDA's office, but on his being identified by Wierda as a suitable candidate, trained as draughtsman in the Department. When he requested that he be released from this position he suggested that G HEYINK be trained as draughtsman as his replacement. On 01 August of 1895 he was again appointed to the DPW as trainee draughtsman in a temporary position at a salary of £350 annum. In 1896 he wa appointed as a Draughtsman (1st Class) in permanent employ of the on DPW. At the outbreak of the South African War he became member of the Hollander Corps. After the War he remained in the public service of the Transvaal Colony. He was still with the PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT in Pretoria in 1927 when he registered with the Institute of South African Architects. He died in Pretoria. His son, Barend RUTGERS, was also an architect and worked in Pretoria.

ISAA 1927. (Building Sep 1923:97; ISAA mem list; TAD MHG 66771)

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