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List of Projects


Established: 1936


A partnership in Johannesburg between DL NURCOMBE and HG SUMMERLEY from February 1936; the practice flourished and in 1936 won the prestigious competition for the design of the Master Builders' Association Headquarters in Johannesburg. Their best-known building however was Chrysler House, Johannesburg (1936-9). The firm later (n.d.) became Nurcombe, Summerley & Lange.

(SAAR Feb 1936:64)

All truncated references not fully cited in 'References' are those of Joanna Walker's original text and cited in full in the 'Bibliography' entry of the Lexicon.

List of projects

With photographs
With notes

Chrysler House - Atkinson House: 1938. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Flats for H Noel Roberts: 1936. Germiston, Gauteng - Architect
Flats, Cumbrae Investments: 1938. Pretoria, Gauteng - Architect
Greenfield Court: 1937. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Gresham Motors: 1936. Selby, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
House A Tamaris: 1936. Houghton, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Hume Pipe Co Offices: 1947. Germiston, Gauteng - Architect
Jubilee House, for Kulesha Investment: 1936. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Manhattan Court: 1937. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Master Builders' HQ: 1936. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
New Germiston Hotel: 1938. Germiston, Gauteng - Architect
Palmer Place: 1955. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Shinwell Bros bldg: 1937. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Shops for Dr Max Blieden, stand 723: 1938. Rosettenville, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Stansfield, Ratcliffe & Co bldg: 1937. Selby, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Workshops, stands for Carrier International: 1937. Selby, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect


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