Camps Bay, Western Cape


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Camps Bay was named after Friedrich/Fredrik von Kamptz, a German sailor who had arrived at the Cape in 1778. He married the wealthy widow Anna Wernich, whose farm Ravensteyn was situated in the area known as Camps Bay today. It was first known as the “Baai van von Kamptz”, which eventually evolved into Camps Bay.

List of structures:

Camps Bay Civic Centre: n.d..
Camps Bay Hotel, Camps Bay: pre-1944.
Camps Bay Hotel, reconstr: 1938.
House Bertie-Roberts: 1965.
House de Kock: 1965.
House Gabriël Fagan - Die Es: 1965.
House van Loon: 1963.
Marine Hotel: n.d..
Marine Hotel, recontr: 1938.
Marine villa: 1823.
Rotunda and Concert Hall Pavilion: 1902.
Rotunda Hotel: n.d..
St Theresa Catholic Church: 1931.
Victoria Road: 1884-1888. district
War Memorial: 1920.