Queenstown, Eastern Cape

Founded: 1853

Named in honour of Queen Victoria.
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List of references:

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List of structures:

Anglican Church: 1921.
Bank of Africa, alt: pre-1905.
Barclays Bank: 1930.
Bongolo Dam: 1905. district
Daily Representative offices, reconstr: 1934.
First World War Memorial: n.d..
Frontier Hospital: 1932.
Girls' High School: 1920.
Girls' School: 1899.
Hexagon: n.d..
House Herbert Price: 1903.
Kaffrarian Steam Mill Co. Ltd: 1950.
Memorial 1878-1881: n.d..
Mental Hospital, Queenstown: n.d..
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1925.
Post Office and Telephone Exchange: n.d..
Presbyterian Church Orphanage, scheme: 1913.
Queen's College High School, hostel for boys: 1938.
Railway Bridge: n.d..
School: 1928.
St Michael and All Angels: 1882.
Standard Bank: c1931.
Town Hall: 1882.
Tuberculosis Sanatorium: 1939.
Voortrekker Centennial Monument: 1938.
Wesleyan Methodist Church: 1880.