Port Alfred, Eastern Cape

Founded: 1821

Named after Prince Alfred, second son of Queen Victoria.


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Originally called Port Kowie, it changed to Port Frances in 1825 and named Port Alfred in 1860.

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List of structures:

Anglican Church: 1936.
Bridge over the Great Fish River - Boy Retief Bridge: 1956. district
Customs House and other buildings: 1823.
Flats, Mrs NO Brewer: 1926.
Kowie River Bridge - Henry Putt Bridge: 1989.
Kowie River Wagon Bridge - Henry Putt Bridge: 1907.
Lighthouse, Great Fish Point: 1898. district
Market Building: 1928.
Nico Malan Bridge: 1972.
Police Station: n.d..
Railway Station Building: 1884.
Richmond House: 1840.
Richmond House - Cock's Castle: 1860.
School: n.d..
Settler Church - Methodist: 1827 : 1939.
Settler Church - Methodist: 1823.
St Nicholas Church: 1939.
Warehouse: n.d..
West Reach House: 1988.
White Gables: c1830.