Qonce (King William's Town), Eastern Cape

Founded: 1835

Originally named after King William IV of England, the name changed from King William's Town to Qonce in February 2021.


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From 'Stuffed Goose' to 'White Elephant': A Short History of King's Water Supply: Amathole Museum read >>

List of references:

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List of structures:

Afrikaans Medium School: 1933.
Alwinus Bock Building: 1894.
Amathole Museum: 1898.
Bailie's Grave Post - Fort Stokes: c1835.
Bardley-Wilmot Gun: 1846.
Block for Dale College: 1928.
Bowker's Park Creamery: 1932-1933.
Breidbach Bridge - Yellow Woods River: 1899.
Bridge over the Buffalo River: n.d..
British Kaffrarian Savings Bank: 1908.
Bryce Ross Memorial Church, Pirie Mission Station: 1874.
Buffalo River Bridge: 1873.
Bulembu Airport: 1985.
Burnham House: n.d..
Central Woodwork Bldg: 1937.
Christ Church: 1867. Oatlands,
Conservatory - Botanical Gardens: n.d..
Convent of the Sacred Heart - King Convent: 1877 : 1923?.
Cook's Commercial Hotel: n.d..
Corporation Market Bldg: pre-1905.
Dale College: 1877 : 1906.
Dale College, Paterson House: n.d..
Deeds Office: 1933.
Dick King Memorial: 1942.
Dyer and Dyer: n.d..
First National Bank: 1990.
Fort Murray - First: 1835.
Fort Murray - Second: c1847.
Fort White: 1835.
Fort White - Second: n.d..
Free Church of Scotland, Pirie Mission Station: n.d..
German Settler Memorial : n.d..
Gibberd and Bryant: n.d..
Girls' High School, bldg: 1935.
Girls' Kindergarten and school: pre-1911.
Golden Jubilee Memorial Church, Mater Infirmorum, Izeli: 1927.
Grey Hospital: 1859.
Grey Hospital, Nurses' Homes: 1937.
Griffiths and Victoria Mxenge Graves: n.d..
Gutsche Memorial Hall: 1925.
Holy Trinity Anglican Church: 1850-1856 : 1932.
Holy Trinity Church: 1894.
Hospital adds, King William's Town: n.d..
House CP Jay: pre-1911.
House HW Murray: pre-1911.
House J Geddes Page: 1926.
House JE Howse, alt: pre-1911.
House JW Robertson: pre-1911.
House R Symons: 1923.
House Williams: 1930.
Imperial - Cawood's - Awe's Mill: n.d..
Kaffrarian Steam Mill Co. Ltd: 1886.
Laing Dam: 1945.
Maden Dam: 1910.
Methodist Church - South African Missionary Museum: 1855.
Mount Coke Mission Station: 1825.
Mount Coke Mission Station - Church: 1825.
Mount Coke Mission Station - Mission House: 1825.
Mount Coke Mission Station - Nurses Residence: c1940.
Mount Coke Mission Station - Printing Press: 1825.
Museum of Natural History, now Amathole Museum: 1898.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1920.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk - First: 1883.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk - Second: 1925.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk - Third: c1965.
Newey Bridge, Convict Station Drift: 1933.
Newey Suspension Bridge - Convict Station Drift: 1897.
Ntsikana Memorial Church, Pirie Mission Station: 1911.
Old Railway Station: n.d..
Old Residency: 1847.
Pavilion, Victoria Recreation Grounds: 1923.
Public Buildings: pre-1880.
Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Memorial: 1897.
Radue Roller Mills and Silos: n.d..
Rail Bridge over the Buffalo River: n.d..
Railway Station: 1929.
Rectory - Sacred Heart Catholic Church: n.d..
Road Bridge over the Buffalo River: 1873.
Rooikrans Dam: 1949.
Sacred Heart Catholic Church: 1851.
Savings Bank bldgs, (British Kaffrarian Savings Bank): 1908.
Shop front for Jay & Co: pre-1911.
St Theresa's Convent: n.d.. Izeli,
Standard Bank: 1930.
Steve Biko Grave: 2016. Ginsberg,
Steve Biko House: n.d.. Ginsberg,
Store for Ebell & Co: pre-1911.
Sun Insurance Building, (Sun Fire Assurance now Protea Assurance Co): 1904.
T. J. Blake: 1884.
Town Hall: pre-1905.
Uniting Presbyterian Church of St Andrew's: 1890s?.
Victoria Drill Hall: 1897.
Victoria Home: pre-1911.
War Memorial: 1920.
War Memorial - Dale College: n.d..
WM Cuthbert and Co: n.d..