Makhanda (Grahamstown), Eastern Cape

Founded: 1820

Named after Makhanda, Xhosa warrior, war doctor, philosopher and prophet.


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The name was officially changed from Grahamstown to Makhanda on 2018 10 04.

For information about Makhanda (Grahamstown) visit the Makana Tourism website and the Cory Library for Historical Research at the Rhodes University.

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List of structures:

1820 Memorial: 1953.
1820 Memorial - First: 1921.
1820 Settlers National Monument: 1967.
Albany Anglo-Boer War Memorial: 1906.
Albany Hotel: 1919.
Albany House: 1865.
Albany Museum: 1897.
Albany Museum: 1945.
Albany Museum, History Building: 1963.
Albany Museum, Natural Sciences Building: 1945.
Artificer's Square: 1824.
Baptist Mother Church: 1843.
Beaumont and Rice Building: n.d..
Belmont: n.d.. district
Bible Monument: 1962.
Blaauwkrantz Bridge: 1884. district
Botanical Gardens and Historic House: n.d..
Botha's Post Signal Tower: 1837-1846. district
Boys' High School: 1898.
Brickfield Chimneys: 1902.
Bucklands Farm: n.d.. district
Carlisle Bridge - Great Fish River: 1863. district
Cathedral church of St Michael and St George: 1824 : 1874 : 1889-1892 : 1911.
Centenary Memorial: 1912.
Chapel House: n.d..
Christ Church: 1871-1876.
Clough Bridge - Great Fish River: 1873. district
Cock House: 1835.
Commemoration Methodist Church: 1845.
Complex of early 19th-century gabled town dwellings: n.d..
Copeland & Creed bldg: 1892.
Dick King Memorial: 1942. Trompetter's Drift, district
Dick King Memorial: n.d..
Diocesan School for Girls: 1893.
Diocesan School for Girls, Victoria Library: 1908.
Diocesan Training College, St Peter's chapel: 1915.
Divisional Council Building: n.d..
Drostdy: 1822 - c1828.
Drostdy Gates: 1842.
Eastern Province Bldg Soc bldg: 1927.
Eastern Star Building: n.d..
Ecca Pass: 1837. district
Egazini Memorial: 2001. Fingo Village,
Fever Hospital: n.d..
Fort Double Drift: late 1830s. district
Fort England, including East Barracks - Later Lunatic Asylum, then Mental Hospital: 1815 : 1825 : 1894.
Fort Selwyn: 1835.
Fort Willshire: 1819.
Governor's Kop Tower: 1844. district
Grocott & Sherry store: 1907.
Grocott's Mail Building: 1869.
Guardian Assurance Office: 1867.
H Maynard Drinking Fountain: 1861.
Hawthornes, for George Wood Jnr: pre-1858.
Hill Organ: 1832.
Hilton Farmhouse: 1834. district
Hoërskool PJ Olivier: 1956.
Hounslow: 1820.
House Dr Jack Greathead: 1863.
House Galpin: Tower house, (now the Observatory Museum): 1850.
House Greystones for George Wood Snr but rejected by latter, now Josie Wood Bldg: pre-1861.
House John Wood, now Crossways, Westhill: pre-1858.
House Lady Maasdorp: n.d..
House Mrs Blaine: 1896.
House Pieter Retief, adjoining Provost House: High St.
Huis WEG Louw - Hostel for Hoërskool PJ Olivier: 1963.
Huntley Street School: 1844.
Johan Carinus Art Centre: n.d..
John Oats Cottage: n.d..
Kingwood College: 1894.
Magistrate's Court: c1890.
Memory Hall; Griffin House at St Andrew's prep school: n.d..
Mental Hospital, Grahamstown: n.d..
Military Gaol: 1836.
Military Provost: 1836.
Mother Cecile Memorial Hall: 1909.
Muirhead & Gowie store: 1907.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1951.
Oatlands House: 1823.
Observatory Museum: 1850.
Old Cemeteries Memorial: 1989.
Old Gaol - First: 1813.
Old Gaol - Second: 1823.
Old Military Complex: n.d..
Old Mutual: c1902.
Old Residency: c1842.
Old School Hall: 1895.
Pillar Post-box: n.d..
Precinct Stone, The: 1962.
Primary School, adds: 1936.
Princess Alice Hall: n.d..
Provost Building: 1836.
Railway Station Building, Courtyard Platform & Wall Postbox: n.d..
Retreat No. 1: 1821.
Rhodes University College: 1911.
Rhodes University College, men's dining hall: 1923.
Rhodes University College, men's hostel: 1926.
Rhodes University, Chapel of St Mary and all the Angels: 1915.
Rhodes University, Cullen Bowles House: c1970.
Rhodes University, Eden Grove: n.d..
Rhodes University, Education Building: 2015.
Rhodes University, Jameson House: 1921.
Rhodes University, Main Administration Building: 1936.
Rhodes University, men's residence: 1935.
Rhodes University, Mmakgano Charlotte Maxeke House: 1921.
Rhodes University, plans for hostel: 1934.
Rhodes University, Schönland Building: c1845.
Rhodes University, St Peter's Building: n.d..
Rhodes University, The College House: c1925.
Rhodes University, War Memorial 1914-18 and 1939-45: 1923.
Royal Engineers Building: 1823 - 1863.
SA Permanent Building - City Treasury Department: c1985.
Schönland Building, Rhodes University: c1845.
Scott's Barracks: n.d..
Selwyn Castle: 1834.
Settler Family: 1969.
Settler's Memorial Tower: 1870.
Shaw Chapel: n.d..
Shaw Hall: 1832.
Shaw Methodist Church: 1905.
Signal Tower: 1843.
Sole Memorial Church: n.d..
St Aidan's College: 1872.
St Aiden's College Chapel: 1876.
St Andrew's College: 1898.
St Andrew's College Memorial Chapel: 1905.
St Andrew's College Memorial Tower: 1923.
St Andrew's College, Additional Buildings: n.d..
St Andrew's College, boarding house: 1912.
St Andrew's College, Mullins's House: 1923.
St Andrew's School, Lower School House: 1909.
St Bartholomew's Almshouse: n.d..
St Bartholomew's Church and Hall: 1857.
St Bartholomew's School: 1850.
St Patrick's Church: 1844.
St Peter's Anglican Church: 1877. district
St Peter's Boarding House for training college: 1908.
St Peter's Home, Mother Cecile Memorial Hall: 1909.
St Philip's Anglican Church: 1860. Fingo Village,
Standard Bank: 1931.
Supreme Court: n.d..
Synagogue: 1913.
Tarka Post: 1849. district
Temlett House: 1820.
Tower house: 1850.
Tower House Restoration: 1982.
Town Hall: 1870.
Trinity Presbyterian Church: 1842.
Trompetter’s Drift Post: n.d..
Tryall Cottage: 1824.
Victoria Fever Hospital: n.d..
Victoria GHS boarding house, adds: 1936.
Victoria Girls' School: 1897.
Wesleyan Chapel, Old: 1861.
Wesleyan High School for Girls: 1897.
Woodville: 1860.