Grahamstown - Eastern Cape

Founded: 1820

Named after Colonel John Graham.


For information about Grahamstown visit the Makana Tourism website and the Cory Library for Historical Research at the Rhodes University.

List of buildings:

1820 Memorial: 1953.
1820 Memorial - First: 1921.
1820 Settlers National Monument: 1967.
Albany Anglo-Boer War Memorial: 1906.
Albany Hotel: 1919.
Albany House: 1865.
Albany Museum: 1945.
Albany Museum: 1897.
Albany Museum, History Building: 1963.
Albany Museum, Natural Sciences Building: 1945.
Artificer's Square: 1824.
Baptist Mother Church: n.d..
Beaumont and Rice Building: n.d..
Belmont: n.d.. district
Bible Monument: 1962.
Blaauwkrantz Bridge: 1884. district
Botanical Gardens and Historic House: n.d..
Botha's Post Signal Tower: 1837-1846. district
Boys' High School: 1898.
Brickfield Chimneys: 1902.
Bucklands Farm: n.d.. district
Carlisle Bridge - Great Fish River: 1863. district
Cathedral church of St Michael and St George: 1824 : 1874 : 1889-1892 : 1911.
Chapel House: n.d..
Christ Church: 1871-1876.
Clough Bridge - Great Fish River: 1873. district
Cock House: 1835.
Commemoration Methodist Church: 1845.
Complex of early 19th-century gabled town dwellings: n.d..
Copeland & Creed bldg: 1892.
Dick King Memorial: n.d..
Dick King Memorial: 1942. Trompetter's Drift, district
Diocesan School for Girls: 1893.
Diocesan School for Girls, Victoria Library: 1908.
Diocesan Training College, St Peter's chapel: 1915.
Divisional Council Building: n.d..
Drostdy: 1822 - c1828.
Drostdy Gates: 1842.
Eastern Province Bldg Soc bldg: 1927.
Eastern Star Building: n.d..
Ecca Pass: 1837. district
Fever Hospital: n.d..
Fort Double Drift: late 1830s. district
Fort England, including East Barracks - Later Lunatic Asylum, then Mental Hospital: 1815 : 1825 : 1894.
Fort Selwyn: 1835.
Fort Willshire: 1819.
Governor's Kop Tower: 1844. district
Grocott & Sherry store: 1907.
Grocott's Mail Building: 1869.
Guardian Assurance Office: 1867.
Hawthornes, for George Wood Jnr: pre-1858.
Hill Organ: 1832.
Hilton Farmhouse: 1834. district
Hoërskool PJ Olivier: 1956.
Hounslow: 1820.
House Dr Jack Greathead: 1863.
House Galpin: Tower house, (now the Observatory Museum): 1850.
House Greystones for George Wood Snr but rejected by latter, now Josie Wood Bldg: pre-1861.
House John Wood, now Crossways, Westhill: pre-1858.
House Lady Maasdorp: n.d..
House Mrs Blaine: 1896.
House Pieter Retief, adjoining Provost House: High St.
Huis WEG Louw - Hostel for Hoerskool PJ Olivier: 1963.
Huntley Street School: 1844.
Johan Carinus Art Centre: n.d..
John Oats Cottage: n.d..
Kingwood College: 1894.
Magistrate's Court: c1890.
Memory Hall; Griffin House at St Andrew's prep school: n.d..
Mental Hospital, Grahamstown: n.d..
Military Gaol: 1836.
Military Provost: 1836.
Mother Cecile Memorial Hall: 1909.
Muirhead & Gowie store: 1907.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1951.
Oatlands House: 1823.
Observatory Museum: 1850.
Old Cemeteries Memorial: 1989.
Old Gaol - First: 1813.
Old Gaol - Second: 1823.
Old Military Complex: n.d..
Old Residency: c1842.
Old School Hall: 1895.
Pillar Post-box: n.d..
Precinct Stone, The: 1962.
Primary School, adds: 1936.
Princess Alice Hall: n.d..
Provost Building: 1836.
Railway Station Building, Courtyard Platform & Wall Postbox: n.d..
Retreat No. 1: 1821.
Rhodes University College: 1911.
Rhodes University College, men's dining hall: 1923.
Rhodes University College, men's hostel: 1926.
Rhodes University, Chapel of St Mary and all the Angels: 1915.
Rhodes University, Cullen Bowles House: c1970.
Rhodes University, Eden Grove: n.d..
Rhodes University, Education Building: 2015.
Rhodes University, Jameson House: n.d..
Rhodes University, Main Administration Building: 1936.
Rhodes University, men's residence: 1935.
Rhodes University, plans for hostel: 1934.
Rhodes University, Schönland Building: c1845.
Rhodes University, St Peter's Building: n.d..
Rhodes University, The College House: c1925.
Rhodes University, War Memorial 1914-18 and 1939-45: 1923.
Royal Engineers Building: 1823 - 1863.
SA Mutual Life Assurance Society Building: c1902.
SA Permanent Building - City Treasury Department: c1985.
Schönland Building, Rhodes University: c1845.
Scott's Barracks: n.d..
Selwyn Castle: 1834.
Settler Family: 1969.
Settler's Memorial Tower: 1870.
Shaw Chapel: n.d..
Shaw Hall: 1832.
Shaw Methodist Church: 1905.
Signal Tower: 1843.
Sole Memorial Church: n.d..
St Aidan's College: 1872.
St Aiden's College Chapel: 1876.
St Andrew's College: 1898.
St Andrew's College Memorial Chapel: 1905.
St Andrew's College Memorial Tower: 1923.
St Andrew's College, Additional Buildings: n.d..
St Andrew's College, boarding house: 1912.
St Andrew's College, Mullins's House: 1923.
St Andrew's School, Lower School House: 1909.
St Bartholomew's Almshouse: n.d..
St Bartholomew's Church and Hall: 1857.
St Bartholomew's School: 1850.
St Patrick's Church: 1844.
St Peter's Anglican Church: 1877. district
St Peter's Boarding House for training college: 1908.
St Peter's Home, Mother Cecile Memorial Hall: 1909.
Standard Bank: 1931.
Supreme Court: n.d..
Synagogue: 1913.
Tarka Post: 1849. district
Temlett House: 1820.
Tower house: 1850.
Tower House Restoration: 1982.
Town Hall: 1870.
Trinity Presbyterian Church: 1842.
Trompetter’s Drift Post: n.d..
Tryall Cottage: 1824.
Victoria Fever Hospital: n.d..
Victoria GHS boarding house, adds: 1936.
Victoria Girls' School: 1897.
Wesleyan Chapel, Old: 1861.
Wesleyan High School for Girls: 1897.
Woodville: 1860.

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