Wynberg, Western Cape


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List of references:

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List of structures:

2 semi-detached cottages for Sir Hugh Levick: 1933.
Brick stack: pre-1911.
Capitol Kinema: 1931.
Cogill's Hotel, rebuilt: 1938.
Cogill's Hotel, Wynberg: pre-1908.
Curzon Cinema, assoc archt: pre-1948.
Dominican convent & schools add: pre-1936.
Factory for Monat & Co Ltd, add: 1934.
House at Wynberg: c1932.
House Bisset: c1890.
House Boroda: 1969.
House Carl Jeppe: Trovato: 1897.
House Carl Jeppe: Trovato: 1897.
House CE Read: 1865.
House De Witt: Montana Vista: c1898.
House DG Garlick: 1930.
House Dr Wright: c1898.
House for Chief Justice Henry de Villiers: 1883.
House for his brother: pre-1932.
House for his parents: pre-1932.
House H Bremner: 1935.
House H Tevis: alt, The Vineyards: 1932.
House Machanack: 1938.
House Mr Parker: 1938.
House PH Marais, Highbury: 1895.
House Uytenbogaardt (alteration and studio): 1975.
House Vollmer, Alphen Hill: n.d..
House WD Hosking: 1907.
House, Highwick Estate: c1932.
House: Silvertrees, alt: 1937.
Kinema (The Capitol): 1931.
Lewis Stores Ltd: n.d..
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1831-1832 : 1842 : 1897-1898.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Sendingkerk: n.d..
Offices and shops for J Goldblatt: 1926.
OK Bazaars: 1938.
Presbyterian Church: 1902.
Presbyterian Church Offices - Templeton House: n.d..
Presbyterian Church, manse: 1932.
Railway Hotel, rebuilt: 1932.
Royal Hotel, alt/adds: 1898.
Simon vd Stel School, bldgs: 1933.
Springfield Convent School, New Art Favility: 2019.
Springfield Convent School, Pre-School Campus, Fra Angelico Art Centre and Jasper Walsh Art Gallery: 2013?.
St Anne's Pre-Primary School: 1895.
St Dominic's Church: 1877.
St John's Church: 1832.
St John's Church: 1884.
St John's Church - enlarged: c1900.
St John's Church, vicarage: 1902.
Standard Bank: 1927.
Town Hall, Wynberg: 1899.
Victoria Cottage Hospital: 1891-1892 : 1905.
Villa G Marshall: pre-1904.
Wesleyan Church: 1850.
Withinshaw Memorial Hall: n.d..
Wynberg Boys High School, adds: 1928.
Wynberg Girls' High School: 1899.
Wynberg Public Library: 1958.
Wynberg School of Industry: 1908.
Wynberg Shopping Centre: 1954.