Cape Town, Western Cape

Founded: 1652


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List of references:

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List of structures:

1 Bay View Terrace: 1892.
1 Thibault Square, formerly BP Centre: 1968-1972.
1-4, Hudson Cottages: 1895/1903.
109-117 Loader St for J Foulds: 1894.
120 Plein Street: 1972.
121-125 Plein St, alt for M Pevsner: 1931.
17 Glen Avenue: 2015. Higgovale,
19-27 Highfield St: 1895.
2 houses: 1936. Claremont,
2 houses, Grave St: 1892.
2 Stores for Liebrandt: 1864.
24 Napier St: 1903.
3-IN-1 House: c2017.
44 houses, District Six: 1884. District Six,
49-51 Loader St: 1899.
5 houses (9-17) for B Hudson, Highfield Terrace: 1890.
5-6 Bay View Terrace: 1893.
50 Houses, housing scheme for CHLUC: 1932.
6 Flats and garages: 1933.
6 storey building (Heritage House?): 1925.
7 houses, Old High Level Rd for JH Greenwood: 1905.
8 Norwich Road: 2009. Bishops Court,
9-12 Bay View Terrace: 1894.
AB Reid and Co Building: 1901.
ABSA Towers previously the Trust Bank Centre and Heerengracht Hotel: 1970. Foreshore,
ACA Factory: 1969. Brackenfell,
Ackerman's store: 1936.
Adelphi Garage: 1950. Sea Point,
Adelphi Kinema: 1930. Sea Point,
African Homes Trust Bldg: 1910.
African Homes Trust, shops, dwelling house: 1914.
African Life Building: c1932.
African Life Building, Second: 1961. Foreshore,
African Theatre: 1801.
Al Azhar Mosque: 1880. District Six,
Albion Hotel: 1937.
Alhambra Theatre: 1912.
Alhambra Theatre: 1929-1930.
Alhambra Theatre, interior: c1928.
All Saints' Church: 1926. Plumstead,
All Saints' Church, chancel, Plumstead: 1910. Plumstead,
Allan Shaw Building: after 1897.
Alliance Assurance Co Building - Protea Assurance House: 1933 : 1990.
Alliance Shoe Repairs: n.d.. Central,
Alliance Trading Co Building: 1927.
Alphen House Hotel, add, for M Pevsner: 1934. Sea Point,
Amsterdam Hotel: n.d..
Anderson and Saxon and Stein and Co Stores: 1863. Rogge Bay,
Annandale Hall: pre-1908.
Arderne's Buildings: pre-1910.
Argus Co bldg: n.d..
Argus Co Building, add: 1933.
Argus Printing and Publishing Co Ltd, offices: 1920.
Argus Printing and publishing works: 1934.
Arthur's Seat Hotel, alt: 1933. Sea Point,
Artscape Theatre Centre: 1971.
AS Joffe & Co Bldg: pre 1942.
ATCO House: 1938.
Athlone Power Station: 1954.
Athlone School for the Blind, first scheme, with FK Kendall: 1936. Plumstead,
Athlone School for the Blind, second scheme to be built at Kasselsvlei: 1938. Bellville,
Atkinson House: 1933. Central,
Atkinson's Building: n.d.. Central,
Atlantic House: 1952.
Atlas Assr Co building, fndtns, now Southern House: 1935.
Attwell and Co Building: c1898.
Attwell and Co, alterations: 1876.
Attwell's Bakery Co: 1928. Lakeside,
Austin Service Station: n.d..
Auto House: 1936.
Auwal Mosque / Owal Masjid: 1809-1814.
Avalon Flats: 1936. Sea Point,
B Levin and Co (Kodak Ltd): 1899. Central,
B Sloman's bldg, add: 1937.
Bain's Building: pre-1908.
Bakery for Newstead and Fine: 1926. Claremont,
Balhar Sections 2 & 3: 1984.
Bane's Motors Motor Block: 1938.
Bank of Africa: 1892.
Bank of Africa: c1900.
Bank of Africa, later Barclays Bank: 1906.
Bantry Bay Apartment: 2010?. Bantry Bay,
Baptist Church: 1882.
Baptist Church: c1905. Observatory,
Baptist Church: c1974. Mowbray,
Barclays Bank: n.d. : 1935. Observatory,
Barclays Bank: 1938. Woodstock,
Barclays Bank - First National Bank Headquarters: 1933. Central,
Barclays Bank - now First National Bank: 1936.
Barclays Bank - now First National Bank: c1935.
Barclays Bank DCO: 1962.
Baredna Flat: 1939. Sea Point,
Bashew Bros. Soft Drink Factory: 1950. Epping,
Baxter Theatre: 1977.
Bay House: 2006. Bantry Bay,
Beaufort House: n.d.. Central,
Beaumans Ltd: 1948.
Bedford Villa: 1858. Rondebosch,
Begley Bros: 1895.
Belhar Community Hall: 1986. Belhar,
Bell, Webb and Bell Factory: 1919. Observatory,
Bellevliet: n.d.. Observatory,
Benjamin and Lawton Building, remodelled: c1925.
Berger's warehouse: 1939.
Bijou Theatre: 1941. Observatory,
Bijou Theatre renovated: 1930.
Bioscope: 1913. Kenilworth,
Biovac: 2007. Ndabeni,
Bishop Gray Monument at St George's Cathedral: c1872.
Bishopscourt, originally Boscheuvel, later Protea: 1900. Bishopscourt,
Bloch and Co Building: 1938.
Bloch Bldg, add: 1928.
Block of flats for Alice Short: 1933. Bantry Bay,
Block of flats for M Pevsner: 1937. Sea Point,
Bloemendal: c1882. Mowbray,
Bo-Kaap: c1760.
Board of Aid Building: 1939.
Board of Aid, proposed: 1926.
Board of Executors Building - Temple Chambers: 1893 : 1929.
Boere Saamwerk Beperk, Wool Store: 1927.
Boston House: 1930.
Botha Memorial, Stal Plein: 1930.
Bowling Club: 1906.
Boys' High School: 1927 : c1933. Observatory,
Boys' High School: pre-1905. Rondebosch,
Boys' High School: 1930. Sea Point,
BP Africa: Corporate Head Office: 2006.
BP Centre: 1968-1972.
Brand Engineering Building: 1998.
Bree St 131 Residence: 1795.
Bree Street 40: c1950. Central,
Bree Street 62: c1940. Central,
Bree Street 68: c1969. Central,
Bree Street 70-74: c1900. Central,
Bree Street 82, Hout Street 95: 1904. Central,
Bree Street 86: c1862. Central,
Bree Street 88: c1862. Central,
Bree Street 90: c1859. Central,
Bree Street 92, 96: c1900. Central,
Bree Street, corner Riebeeck Street: c1930. Central,
Bree-Castle: n.d.. Central,
Bricklayers Arms Hotel: n.d..
Bridge House: 2001. Higgovale,
Brimble and Briggs Building: 1937.
Britannia Hotel: 1894.
British High Commissioner's Office - Africa House: 1936.
Brits Investment, Building for?: 1937.
Broadway Industries: 1958.
Brooke Memorial Library Building: 1926. Rondebosch,
Building for 'the Schlesinger Sunday Newspaper': 1938.
Building for J Long: c1855.
Building for LP Vadas: 1931.
Building for M Pevsner: 1935.
Buitencingel: 1780.
Buitengracht Street 31: n.d.. Central,
Buitengracht Street 33: n.d.. Central,
Buitengracht Street 41: c1950. Central,
Buitengracht Street 53: c1859. Central,
Buitengracht Street 59-63: c1859. Central,
Buitengracht Street 67-69: 1884. Central,
Buitengracht Street 71-73: c1900. Central,
Burg Street Chambers: 1900.
Burgher Watch House: 1755. Central,
Burmeister's Bldg: 1899. Central,
C Morgan & Co Bldg: 1935.
Caledon Square Police: 1814 : 1824.
Calvary War Memorial: c1921. Claremont,
CAN: 1937.
Cannon Hotel, add: 1906.
Cannon Street Brewery: 1930. Newlands,
Cape Argus Bldg: 1912.
Cape Argus Bldg: 1894.
Cape College for Advanced Technical Education: 1921.
Cape Divisional Council: 1927.
Cape Field Artillery Headquarters: 2008. Wingfield,
Cape Jewish Orphanage: 1938. Oranjezicht,
Cape of Good Hope Bank: 1880. Central,
Cape of Good Hope Savings Bank: pre-1908.
Cape of Good Hope Savings Bank: pre-1911.
Cape of Good Hope Seminary: n.d..
Cape Province Tattersall Club: 1937.
Cape Provincial Administration Building: 1939 : 1975.
Cape Provincial Requisite Stores: 1938.
Cape Steel Factory and Offices: 1964. Epping,
Cape Technical College: 1919.
Cape Times Bldg: 1934.
Cape Times Bldg: c1893.
Cape Times Bldg, add: 1930.
Cape Times Ltd Bldg: 1913.
Cape Times Office bldg: 1938.
Cape Town Airport: 1969.
Cape Town City Municipal Workshops: pre 1895.
Cape Town Civic Centre: 1976.
Cape Town International Convention Centre: 2003.
Cape Town Plumbing: n.d.. Central,
Cape Town Stadium: 2009.
Cape Town Station Redevelopment: 2010.
Caporn & Company bldg, now Irvin & Johnson Limited: 1899.
Carl Herrmann Building: 1904.
Carlton Bldgs: 1905.
Carson & Co Bldg, alt: 1935.
Castle of Good Hope: 1666. Central,
Castle of Good Hope - Restoration: 2001.
Castle of Good Hope - Restoration 2: 2016.
Castle Street 101-103: c1895. Central,
Castle Street 105: c1862. Central,
Castle Street 95: c. 1960.
Castle Wine & Brandy Co.: 1937/8.
Castle Wine & Brandy Co.: 1937.
Castle Wine & Brandy Store: 1902.
Castle Wine and Brandy Factory: 1969.
Cavalla Cigarette Factory: 1938.
Cavalla Leaf Store: 1951. Kensington,
Cecil Hotel - Renovations: n.d.. Newlands,
Central News Agency (CNA) Building: 1926.
Centre for the Book: 1909.
Century Hotel - The Centurion: 1971. Sea Point,
Ceramic Flats: 1939.
CH Pearne & Co, gable dated 1903: 1903.
Chas Morgan & Co, add: 1938.
Chatsworth Flats: c1938. Sea Point,
Cheminais Furniture Factory - Gabriel House: 1936. Plumstead,
Chermside Hotel: pre-1905.
Christian Brothers College: 1936. Green Point,
Chubb and Maxwell Building: 1935.
Chubb and Maxwell Building: pre-1906.
Church hall for Baptist Church, Three Anchor's Bay: 1932. Three Anchor's Bay,
Church House: 1931.
Church of St Barnabas: 1896. Tamboers Kloof,
Church of the Sacred Heart: c1918.
Church of the Sacred Heart, not carried out: 1877.
Church Square: 1679.
Cinema: 1937. Claremont,
Cinema: 1938. Lansdowne,
Cinema: 1927.
Cinema (Atkinson's cinema): 1937. Rosebank,
Cinema de Luxe, proposed: 1927.
City and Civil Service Club: 1896.
City Club: 1896.
City Club Bar: n.d..
City Fever Hospital: 1896.
City Hall: 1894-1905.
City Hospital for Infectious Diseases - Fever Hospital: 1895.
City Tramway Bar: 1931.
Civil Service Club: n.d. : 1897-1899.
Claradave Mansions: c1935. Vredehoek,
Claremont Central: 2009.
Claremont Club, new bldg: 1938. Claremont,
Claremont school: 1894.
Clarensville Hotel: 1931. Sea Point,
Claridge Hotel: pre-1911.
Claridges Hotel, Stalplein: 1903.
Cleghorn & Harris Department Store: 1896.
Cleghorn and Harris Building: 1925.
Clewer: 1901. Kenilworth,
Cliffside Flats: 1947. Bantry Bay,
Clock Tower in Table Bay Docks: 1883.
Clout's Bldg: 1930.
Club for Overseas Settlement of British Women: 1927.
Club House, Green & Sea Point Bowling Club: 1930.
Club House, Western Province Sports Club: 1926. Newlands,
Coffin factory & chapels, for Messrs Funerals (Pty) Ltd: 1938. Observatory,
Cold Store, for R Verster: 1933.
Collegiate Girls' High School: 1906.
Colonade Building: 1895. Central,
Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Building: 1887. Central,
Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society offices: n.d.. Central,
Colonial Orphan Chambers and Trust Co.: pre-1910 : 1931.
Colosseum Theatre: 1932.
Commercial Exchange: 1819-1822. Central,
Commercial Union Assr Building: 1930.
Commercial Union Building - Market House: 1930. Central,
Commercial Union Buildings: c1893. Central,
Commonwealth Building and Colosseum Theatre: 1936-1938. Central,
Community Residential Unit Development: c2017. Langa,
Company Gardens: 1652.
Congregational Church: 1857.
Congregational Church: 1857/6.
Congregational Church: 1905. Observatory,
Congregational Church: 1895. Sea Point,
Congregational Church: 1904. Claremont,
Congregational Church: n.d.. Claremont,
Congregational Mission Church: 1901.
Convent of the Good Shepherd: 1928. Claremont,
Cooper's Arms: 1899.
Coornhoop: n.d.. Observatory,
Cottage for Sir Abe Bailey in front of Rust en Vrede: 1909.
Cottages in Claremont: n.d.. Claremont,
Court Chambers for Syfrets Trust: 1951.
Court House: 2006.
Courtyard House: 2010?. Newlands,
Cowling's Hotel: 1901. Claremont,
CPA Headquarters: 1984.
Craig's Tower and Battery: c1895. district
Crown Hotel & Lennon's warehouses, rebuilt: 1928.
CT Jones Bldg: 1896.
CTC Bazaars: 1936.
CTC Bazaars Reserve Stores, now Ackerman's Reserve Stores: 1936.
CTC stores: 1930.
Customs and Excise Building: n.d..
Customs House: n.d.. Foreshore,
Customs House: 1814. Central,
Cuthbert and Co Building: 1934.
Cuthberts Building: 1931-1932. Central,
CW Ritter Building: pre-1904.
D Dix & Son: 1896.
D Isaacs and Co Bldg: 1901. Central,
D Nathan bldg: 1932.
Daniel Mills and Sons, Grain Store: pre-1908.
Dark & Howes store: 1938.
Darter's Booksellers, ground and first floors: c1876.
Day Clinics (7) for Divisional Council of the Cape: n.d..
De Beer's Explosive Works, Admin Bldg: 1901.
De Nederlandsche Club: n.d..
De Waal & Co bldg: n.d..
de Wicht Zaal - Wicht Hall: 1889/1890.
Delft Daycare Centres: 2006. Delft South,
Delponte Building: 1890s. Central,
Delville Garage: 1939.
Delville Wood Memorial: n.d..
Den Uitwijk: n.d.. Observatory,
Des Munroe : c1935. Central,
Devonshire Hill Hotel, adds: 1922. Rondebosch,
Dibanisa Iinstapho Hostels to Homes Project: 1994. Nyanga,
Dibanisa Iinstapho Hostels to Homes Project: 1994. Langa,
Dibanisa Iinstapho Hostels to Homes Project: 1994. Guguletu,
Die Burger printing works, alt: 1928.
Diocesan College, Boarding House: 1900. Rondebosch,
Diocesan College, Brooke Chapel (Brooke Memorial Library): 1880 : 1927 : 1985. Rondebosch,
Diocesan College, Founder's House: 1853. Rondebosch,
Diocesan College, physics lab: 1905. Rondebosch,
Diocesan College, proposed design: 1849. Rondebosch,
Diocesan College, Sanatorium: 1936. Rondebosch,
Diocesan College, School House: 1900. Rondebosch,
Diocesan College, Science Block: 1932. Rondebosch,
Diocesan College, War Memorial Chapel: 1926. Rondebosch,
District Six Museum: 1814 : 2000.
Divisional Council HQ: 1925.
Divisional Council Offices: 1927.
DM Murray & Co Bldg: 1935.
Donald Bros: 1903.
Dorchester Apartments: 1935. Sea Point,
Dower House, alt: 1918. Rosebank,
Drennan House: 1938.
Drill Hall: 1884 : 1888-1889.
Driscoll's Corner: 1894.
Drommedaris Phase I: 2010?. Brooklyn,
Du Noon Temporary Daycare: 2015.
Duncan Docks / Harbour: 1940s.
Dunlop Rubber Co (SA) Ltd Bldg: 1917.
Dunvegan Gdns: pre-1948. Rosebank,
Dusseau's Bldg: c1897.
Dutch Wesleyan Church: pre-1908.
E Edwards Building: 1902.
E Edwards Building: 1900.
Early Childhood Development Centre: 2002. Philippi,
Economic Outfitters: c1893.
Edgecombe Terrace: c1840.
EK Green & Co Bottle-washing dept: 1917.
EK Green & Co Building: 1899.
EK Green Bldg: 1899.
EK Green Shop: n.d..
EK Green Warehouse: 1914.
EK Green's Stores, alts: pre-1910.
Eksekuteurskamer, Die: 1893 : 1929.
Electric House, SA Lighting : n.d.. Central,
Electric Substation: n.d.. Central,
Electricity House: 1934. Central,
Elite Printing Works: 1937.
Ella Street Houses: 2008. Bo-Kaap,
Ellerman House - Refurbishment: n.d.. Bantry Bay,
Elysian, attrib: pre-1907. Rondebosch,
Empire Hotel: 1894.
Empire Steam Laundry: n.d..
English Church House: 1926.
Entrance Gate, Cape Point Nature Reserve: 1992. district
Erinville: c1880. Rondebosch,
Eros School for the Cerebral Palsied: 1978. Athlone,
European Hotel, alt: 1905.
Evangelisch-Lutherische St. Martini Kirche - St Martini Evangelical Lutheran Church: 1851.
EW Duncan & Co: 1898 : 1902 : 1910. Central,
Exchange Building: 1927.
Exeter Park: After 1939. Kenilworth,
F Robb & Co bldg: 1935.
Factory for AE Barlow: 1962.
Factory for Hochschild & Co,: 1933.
Factory for JL Black & Co: 1934. Central,
Factory for the Continental Art Manufacturing Co: 1933.
Factory for Western Steel: 1951. Epping,
Factory Workwear: 1935.
Fairbridge & Arderne's Bldgs, later Dominion Bldgs: 1895.
Fairview, attrib: pre-1907. Rondebosch,
Faktor's Building: pre-1948.
Farber's Garage for H Farber: 1935.
Farmers' co-op wool and produce union: 1938. Paarden Island,
Findlay & Co: c1876.
Findlay & Co Bldg: 1900. Central,
Findlay & Co Building: 1893.
Fire Station: pre 1927. Sea Point,
Fire Station: n.d.. Central,
Fish market: 1935.
Fish Market: 1889/99.
Fish markets: pre-1911.
Fisherman's 19: 2003. Llandudno,
Flat Iron Bldg: pre-1908.
Flats: 1925.
Flats: c1939.
Flats: 1933. Sea Point,
Flats: 1933.
Flats: 1939. Rondebosch,
Flats: 1939. Claremont,
Flats: 1932. Rosebank,
Flats Dr AH Gool - Project only: 1937.
Flats EL Phillips: 1931. Sea Point,
Flats for A Jenkins: 1932. Kenilworth,
Flats for Ackermans: 1950. Claremont,
Flats for corporation of Cape Town, with ID MacGILLIVRAY: 1939.
Flats for DE McConnell: 1928.
Flats for Dr HO Hofmeyer: 1934.
Flats for J Dodowitz: 1928. Sea Point,
Flats for L Flederman: 1928. Green Point,
Flats for M Kurman: 1928. Sea Point,
Flats for Mr Manoim: 1935. Vredehoek,
Flats for Mrs A Press: 1934. Gardens,
Flats for Mrs Bernstein: c1928. Sea Point,
Flats for Mrs G Probit: 1934. Green Point,
Flats for Mrs M Kurman: 1934. Sea Point,
Flats for WF Lehman: 1938. Green Point,
Flats L Fledeman: 1936. Sea Point,
Flats, for Dr Ackermann: 1939.
Flats, for Mrs G Olerenshaw: 1937. Sea Point,
Flats, shops for HA Trust: 1939.
Flats/shops: 1931. Green Point,
Flats/Theatre: 1937. Rosebank,
Fletcher & Cartwright Building: 1938.
Foreshore Reclamation Table Bay: 1930s-1940s.
Forrest & Co Store: 1902. Rondebosch,
Fort de Bonne Esperance: 1666. Central,
Fort de Goede Hoop: 1656.
Fort Wynyard: 1862 : 1888-1892. Green Point,
Fountain, Parade, Cape Town: 1806. Central,
Fraser & Sons Factory: pre-1910.
Free Church of Scotland: 1847/8.
Free Dispensary: 1905.
Freeman & Co Bldg: 1902.
Fugard Theatre: n.d..
Funeral Assurance House: c. 1960.
GA Barnes store: 1938.
Gabriel House: 1936. Plumstead,
Galielol Raghmaan Jamaa Masjid - Ellismere Street Mosque: 1908.
Galvin & Sales Printing Factory: 1934.
Gaol - Now Western Cape Archives: 1855-59 : 1999.
Garage for F Malyon: 1930.
Garage for Messrs A Silbert & Son: 1936.
Garage for S Kaplan: 1936.
Gardener Williams & Company Head Office and Warehouse: pre 1939.
Gardens Commercial High School: pre 1979.
Garlick's Bldg: 1928.
Garlick's Bldg: 1876. Central,
Garlick's Department Store: 1893. Central,
Garlick's Warehouse: 1902.
Gateway to Africa: 1952.
General Assr Co Bldg: 1923.
General Assurance Building: n.d..
General Estate & Orphan Chambers: c1925. Central,
General Estate & Orphan Chambers, adds: 1864. Central,
General Post Office: 1897.
General Post Office: c1940.
General Post Office, alt, for PWD: c1872.
Geneva House: 1935.
Geo Findlay & Co bldg: 1934.
Georgian house: n.d..
Gereformeerde Kerk: 1952.
Gill College: 1865.
Girls' High School, Erinville, , Rondebosch: 1930. Rondebosch,
Girls' High School, gym: 1909. Rondebosch,
Girls' High School, hostels: 1931. Erinvale,
Glenara: 1883. Rosebank,
Glynnville Terrace: n.d.. Gardens,
Gold Industry Pavilion: 1952.
Golden Acre : Goue Akker: 1979.
Good Hope Savings Bank: n.d..
Goodfellows: pre-1948. Oranjezicht,
Goodliffe, Smart & Searle, stores & offices: 1865.
Goodwood grandstand: c1904. Goodwood,
Government House (Tuynhuys): 1790 : 1968.
Government House, staff cottage, as assistant to BAKER & MASEY: pre-1911.
Government Offices: 1939.
Governor's Residence [Goewerneurswoning]: 1790.
Graaff Electric Lighting Works and Molteno Reservoir: 1894. Oranjezicht,
Granary: 1814.
Grand Hotel: 1894. Central,
Grand Hotel: pre 1952.
Grand Parade: n.d..
Grandstand, Turf Club: 1851. Green Point,
Grange, The: 1896.
Granger & Co Stores, Causeway: 1865.
Grassy Park: pre 1957.
Great Synagogue: 1903. Gardens,
Great Westerford (Hotel?) add: 1883.
Green Hanson Hotel (was Imperial): 1901.
Green Point Breakwater: n.d..
Gresham Hotel, rebuilt: 1935.
Grimley Inst for the Deaf, Tuin Plein: 1931.
Groote Kerk: 1835-1836.
Groote Kerk - Sexton's House: n.d..
Groote Kerk Gebou: 1938.
Groote Kerk Office Building: 1862. Central,
Groote Schuur: 1896. Newlands,
Groote Schuur Estate - 2 houses: 1882.
Groote Schuur Hospital: 1932.
Groote Schuur Hospital Children's Ward: 1932.
Groote Schuur Hospital: Nurses' Quarters: pre 1927.
Groote Schuur Zoo - Lion's Den: 1931.
Grosvenor House: 1781.
Grosvenor House: n.d.. Central,
Grotto, restored: 1901.
GS Withinshaw bldg: 1898.
Guard House and Entrance Gate, Government Avenue, Cape Town Gardens: 1791.
Guardian Assurance Co Bldg: 1901-1902.
Gugulethu Multisport Complex: 1994.
Gunners Circle retail centre: 1970. Epping,
GW Johnston Bldg: 1905. Mowbray,
H Levy Bldg, now Horst Heckmann Motors: 1902.
H Polliack & Co Building: 1926. Central,
Habibia Soofie Masjid: n.d..
Hall at Good Hope Model Village: 1934.
Hall for Dorshei Association: 1926.
Hamilton House, factory and stores, (Holland House?): pre-1948.
Hanafee Mosque / Noor El Hamedia Mosque / Dorp Street Mosque: 1881. Bo-Kaap,
Hanover House: n.d..
Hansa Hotel (Manchester Hotel): 1901.
Harbour Board Office: 1863.
Harbour Board Offices: 1900.
Harp Hotel, reconstruction: 1937.
Harrison's Bldg: pre-1905.
Hartleyvale Sports Complex: 1996.
Hatfield 109: 2009.
Hawthornden: 1882. Claremont,
Head Road: 2009. Fresnaye,
Hebrew Public School, new classroom: 1899.
Hebrew School: 1936.
Heideveld Primary School: 2015. Athlone,
Henley Lodge: 1927. Mouille Point,
Hepworths Ltd Warehouse: 1903.
Herschel Court, flats: 1936. Claremont,
Herschel Girls School: n.d. : 1934 : 1939. Claremont,
Herschel Memorial: c1838. Claremont,
Het Casteel de Goede Hoop: 1666. Central,
Heynes Mathew & Co, alt: 1894.
Heynes, Mathew & Co: 1894.
HF Seale Bldg, later Singer Bldg: 1902.
Highlands House - Jewish Home for the Aged: n.d. : 1937. Vredehoek,
Highstead House: 1882. Rondebosch,
Hill's Jam Factory: pre-1910.
Hills Tool House: 1902.
Hoffman Bldg: pre-1910.
Holmes Motor Co: 1937.
Holmes Motor Co Garage: 1934.
Holyrood: 1939.
Homecoming Centre: 1890 : 2012.
Hope Lodge School: 1934.
Hortor's Building: n.d. : 1930 : 1939.
Hotel Irene - Project only: 1937. Rondebosch,
Hotel Metropole: 1895 : 1928. Central,
Hotel of All Nations: 1906.
Hothouse - Gardens: c1848. Central,
House: pre-1940. Sea Point,
House: 1939. Newlands,
House: n.d..
House: n.d.. Rondebosch,
House: 1936.
House: 1853.
House: 1930. Rondebosch,
House: c1920. Tamboers Kloof,
House: 1928. Sea Point,
House: n.d.. Rondebosch,
House: pre-1911. Three Anchor Bay,
House & stables: pre-1911. Sea Point,
House A Bullen: 1900. Rondebosch,
House A Forsyth: 1905. Rosebank,
House A Walsh: Brackley: pre-1905. Kenilworth,
House AB Godbold, Highwick Estate: 1932. Kenilworth,
House Abramson: 1960s. Newlands,
House AG Syfret: 1902. Rondebosch,
House AH Reid: Mannamead: pre-1905. Kenilworth,
House AI Little: Pentlands: 1921. Kenilworth,
House AR Phillips: 1931. Newlands,
House Arderne: The Hill: c1916. Claremont,
House Attwell: c1858. Rondebosch,
House Attwell: 1895. St James,
House Back: 1996.
House Belmont: n.d.. Oranjezicht,
House Blans - Berg en Dal: 1964. Bishopscourt,
House Brand: n.d.. Bishopscourt,
House Buchanan Lee: n.d.. Sea Point,
House Burnett Prinsloo: c2017.
House C Foster - Fosters Villa: 1896. Rondebosch,
House C Rodd: 1933. Constantia,
House Capt Watson: Rothburg: 1920. Tamboerskloof,
House Cardew: pre-1911.
House Carl Jeppe: pre-1901.
House Cathcart: 1898. Green Point,
House CE Westerton: Wellesley: 1899. Rondebosch,
House CH Hodgson: 1905. Claremont,
House CH Smith: The Gables: 1901. Rondebosch,
House CJ Rhodes: The Woolsack: 1900.
House CL Marais - Vredenhof: 1907. Newlands,
House Coetzee: 2010.
House Colonel Palmer: Amalfi: n.d.. Tokai,
House Commander Palms: n.d..
House Councillor L Gradner: 1926. Oranjezicht,
House Currey: Welgelegen, Groote Schuur: c1900.
House CW Adams: The Alcove: 1927.
House D Martin: 1932. Rondebosch,
House D Ward: 1933. Kenilworth,
House Daitsh: 1944. Sea Point,
House de Graaf: 1970. Newlands,
House Dr BJ Guilemard: 1906. Rondebosch,
House Dr E Barnard Fuller: pre-1910. Gardens,
House Dr Emily Greenfield: 1938. Claremont,
House Dr Moon: 1931. Retreat,
House Duffet: c1933. Retreat,
House Dura - Die Eike: 1966. Alphen,
House E Georgen: 1935. Claremont,
House E Power: 1931. Plumstead,
House E Warren: 1907.
House Eaton: pre-1905. Kenilworth,
House EC McConnell: pre-1932. Kenilworth,
House EE Vines: 1930. Oranjezicht,
House EJ Earp: Chartley: 1902. Rondebosch,
House Ellenberg: 1923.
House F Sandell: 1930. Kenilworth,
House Fagan - Keurbos: 1951. Bishopscourt,
House Farrell: 1972 : 1974. Bishopscourt,
House FE Cartwright: Eyton, Paradise Estate: n.d.. Claremont,
House FE Cartwright: Nederberg: 1899. Claremont,
House FE Trill: 1932. Kenilworth,
House FH Rees: 1907.
House FJ Wag(e)ner: 1936. Rondebosch,
House for General Manager of Standard Bank: n.d.. Kenilworth,
House for Mr Sherlock: pre-1933. Newlands,
House for Solly Varkel: 1935. Vredehoek,
House Forster: c1933. Rondebosch,
House FR Jesse: 1902. Oranjezicht,
House Fred Ayres: 1895. Rondebosch,
House Freeman: Thornhill House: c1901. Green Point,
House Fricker: pre-1905. Kenilworth,
House FS Stapleton: 1905. Sea Point,
House G Alexander: 1892.
House G Phillips: 1925.
House Garlick: n.d..
House GE Brandreth: 1930.
House Georgeu: n.d.. Claremont,
House Green: 1912.
House Green: Hiawatha: n.d.. Rosebank,
House H Becker: 1912.
House H Watt: 1927.
House HAC Becker, Monmouth, Paradise Estate: 1930. Claremont,
House Hart: c1930. Rondebosch,
House Haybittel: 1899. Rondebosch,
House Hayward: pre-1905. Kenilworth,
House Hayward: 1903. Kenilworth,
House Henry Beard: 1905. Claremont,
House Hingle: 1931. Sea Point,
House HJ Brownlee: c1939. Newlands,
House HJ Budler: 1899. Rondebosch,
House HJ Budler: 1899. Rondebosch,
House HJ Sonnenberg: Many Gables: 1903. Kenilworth,
House Hoets: 1933. Rondebosch,
House Hoets: 1905. Rondebosch,
House Hon H Burton, rebuilt: 1927. Constantia,
House Hon Mr Justice Stratford, Highwick, alt: 1928. Claremont,
House Hon R Crosbie: pre-1905.
House HP Barnett-Clarke: 1908. Sea Point,
House HR Robinson: 1903. Rondebosch,
House Huyghe: 1972.
House I Mitford Barberton: 1940. Bantry Bay,
House I Wolf: 1920. Oranjezicht,
House IM Williams: 1933. Sea Point,
House J Cannon: 1834. Green Point,
House J Cran: pre-1910.
House J D Peffers: 1934. Kenilworth,
House J Holberg: n.d.. Rondebosch,
House J King: 1905. Mowbray,
House J Loopuyt: 1904. Rondebosch,
House J Rose-Innes: 1893.
House J Wiley: 1901.
House Jaffray: n.d..
House JB Ebden, Belmont: 1835. Rondebosch,
House JB Pearson: 1935.
House JC Molteno: 1900.
House Jensen: 1963. Newlands,
House JGV Biccard: Balmoral: 1914. Sea Point,
House JJ Bisset: Cumnor: 1902. Kenilworth,
House JM McFarlane, Mansfield Estate: 1934. Rondebosch,
House John Perry: c1930. Kenilworth,
House Justice Curlewis: 1930.
House JW Jagger - Lourensford: 1928.
House K Jesse: 1931. Claremont,
House Kendall - Pelyn: c1910. Kenilworth,
House Lady Buxton, add: 1936.
House Lady Smith: 1927. Sea Point,
House LC Serrurier: 1905. Sea Point,
House Letschert: 2009. Higgovale,
House Levin: 1895. Sea Point,
House Lloyd - Hilltop: n.d.. Newlands,
House Louw: c1960. Higgovale,
House Mann: 1928. Claremont,
House McConnell (Abbey Manor): 1905. Oranjezicht,
House Miss AM Buchanan: 1932. Newlands,
House Miss LP Pevsner: 1933. Sea Point,
House Moore: n.d.. Rondebosch,
House Mordukhovitz - Byvangst: 1929. Vredehoek,
House Mr Gourlay: pre-1910.
House Mr Milne: pre-1905. Rondebosch,
House Mr Stekhoven: 1930. Kenilworth,
House Mrs E Cleland: Corra Lynne: 1904. Sea Point,
House Mrs E Pilcher: 1930.
House Mrs John Foote: 1934.
House Mrs Kent: 1930. Kenilworth,
House Mrs MA Parsons: 1904. Claremont,
House Mrs MacDonald: 1898.
House Mrs Thorne: 1935. Wynberg Hill,
House Munnik: c1964. Newlands,
House MW Millard Bocking: 1939. Fresnaye,
House Naudé: n.d..
House OB Chisholm: 1933.
House of Assembly: 1910.
House of Parliament, add: 1910.
House of Representatives bldg, proposed design: n.d..
House Oliphant: c1835.
House Osbourne, Bauhoek: n.d..
House P Bosman: 1896. Sea Point,
House P Fisher, The Drive, Highwick Estate: 1933.
House P Wolmarans: 1931. Plumstead,
House Parker - Parker Cottage: n.d..
House Parker - The Firs - Irma Stern Museum: n.d. : 1898. Mowbray,
House Pegram: pre-1905.
House Penketh, Kloof Lodge: 1855.
House Peter White: pre-1933.
House Peter White, replacing previous house destroyed by fire: 1939. Kenilworth,
House Philberg: 1984.
House PJ Roux: 1864.
House PM Liddle: 1931. Plumstead,
House Policansky: 1947. Bantry Bay,
House Prince, Trenant Villa: 1893. Constantia,
House Prof Murray: n.d..
House R Franke: pre-1910.
House R Hunter - Hunters Villa: 1896. Kenilworth,
House R Stuttaford: Lidcote: 1904. Kenilworth,
House Raynham: 1967.
House S Sacks: 1927.
House Schincariol: 1970. Plattekloof, Tygerberg,
House Schutte: 1798. Plein Street,
House Schuurman: 1971.
House Seeliger: Im Busch: c1894.
House Sir David Graaff - Zonnekus: 1929. Milnerton,
House Sir George Grey - Zorgvliet: n.d.. Oranjezicht,
House SJ Bond: 1936.
House Smith-Chandler: 1965. Hohenort Township,
House Sorensen - Bakebo: 1950. Claremont,
House Spilhaus: Hohenhort: 1906. Constantia,
House Stekhovan: 1972. Newlands,
House Stekhoven: c1932. Kenilworth,
House Swainton : The Boltons: 1894. Rosebank,
House T Cohen: 1928.
House Thesen: 1937. Rondebosch,
House Thos Hustic (?): 1834.
House V Pevsner: Klein Alphen, alt: 1934. Sea Point,
House Van der Byl: 1905. Kenilworth,
House Van der Merwe: 1901. Sea Point,
House van der Merwe-Coetzee: 2007.
House Van Zyl: 1911. Sea Point,
House W Bonniwell: Ormonde House: 1892.
House WA Eaton: pre-1905. Kenilworth,
House WA Eaton: 1901. Kenilworth,
House WA Hofmeyer: 1936. Plumstead,
House Walgate: 1960s.
House Warren Gilchrist: 1930. Claremont,
House WD Harris: c1939. Claremont,
House WF Yeomans: 1930. Rondebosch,
House WH Mars: 1931. Newlands,
House White: n.d.. Kenilworth,
House WJ Wills: 1905.
House WM Cuthbert: 1903. Kenilworth,
House Wolff: 2009. Observatory,
House Young - Irene: 1950.
House, Braehead: 1902. Kenilworth,
House, Daisy St/Derry Rd: 1931.
House, design dedicated to Governor van der Graaff: 1791.
House, Hen & Chickens Estate: 1932. Claremont,
House, off Boshoff Ave: c1939. Newlands,
House, Oranjezicht: c1933.
House: Bordeaux, (attrib): 1864. Sea Point,
House: Cheyne: pre-1905. Kenilworth,
House: Stanhope: c1917. Kenilworth,
Houses: 1891.
Houses: c1925.
Houses: 1891.
Houses for F Bakker: 1922. Rondebosch,
Houses for J Foulds: 1891.
Houses for Messrs Wonderful Homes, Ltd: c1928. Claremont,
Houses for the Garrison of the Castle: n.d..
Houses of Parliament: 1879-1885.
Houses of Parliament extensions: 1906.
Houses, 1, 3, 5, 7: 1905.
Houses, 2-6 Frederick St: 1899.
Houses, for A Purnell: 1928. Sea Point,
Hout St 15: c1945.
Hout Street 97-101: 1903. Central,
Howie's Cape (Pty) Ltd: 1954.
Huguenot Memorial Building: 1900.
Huguenot Memorial Hall: c1938.
Hunts - Motor Showroom: n.d.. Central,
Hurling Pump: 1812. Oranjezicht,
Hyatt Erskine & Co Warehouse: 1933.
Imhoff Battery, Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town: n.d..
Imperial Hotel (Green Hanson): 1901.
Industry Bldgs: 1904.
Infill house: 2007. Signal Hill,
Informal Traders Market: 2001. Hanover Park,
Inshore Fisheries Ltd: n.d..
Instrument Manufacturing Corporation: 1962. Plumstead,
International Hotel: 1904.
Invincible Furniture Factory: 1945. N'dabeni,
Iona Court: 1969. Newlands,
Irma Stern Museum: 1898. Rosebank,
IRT Bus Depots: 2015.
Irvin & Johnson Ltd Bldg: 1925.
Irwin Mansions: 1923.
Iziko Museum - Koopmans de Wet House: 1790. Central,
Iziko Museum - Slave Lodge - Supreme Court: 1680 : 1807-1814 : 1926 : 1961-1964. Central,
Iziko South African Museum: 1893. Central,
Iziko South African National Gallery: 1930.
J & A Buchanan Factory: 1902.
J Dickinson & Co Bldg: 1909.
J Garlick Bldg: c1905.
J Garlick Store: 1902.
J Garlick, stables & tenements: 1903.
J Harrison, bldg: 1898.
J Sedgwick Building, alt: 1939.
J Woodhead & Sons (leather works): 1902.
Jackson's Ltd: 1930.
Jacob & Den Dauw, bldg: 1902.
Jameah Mosque / Jamia Mosque / Queen Victoria Mosque: 1850 : 1903 : 1914 : 1932. Bo-Kaap,
Jan Smuts Statue: 1974.
Jan van Riebeeck High School: 1931.
Jas Robertson & Co Bldg: pre-1905.
JC Smith & Co: c1876.
JH Stark & Co for H Becker: 1928.
JH Sturk (sic) & Co Bldg: pre-1908.
JJ Hill & Co's Factory: pre-1905.
Joe Gqabi Transport Terminus: 2004. Philippi,
Johannesburg Building Society (JBS) Building: 1938.
Johannesburg Hotel: 1896.
John Dickinson & Co Bldg (Croxley House): 1932.
JR McKillop Bldg: 1893.
JR McKillop Store: 1903.
Juta's Bldg: 1900.
Juta's bldg: c1900. Central,
JW Jagger & Co Building: 1892.
JW Jagger & Co Warehouse: 1920.
JW Jagger bldg: 1919.
JW Jagger bldg: 1909.
Kamp's Café: n.d..
Kat Balcony, Castle of Good Hope: n.d.. Central,
Kelvin Grove: 1899. Newlands,
Kelvin Grove Country Club, remodelled: 1895. Rondebosch,
Kenmain Gardens: pre-1948. Claremont,
Kimberley Hotel: n.d.. Central,
Kimberley House: n.d.. Central,
King's Blockhouse: 1795.
King's Hotel, Sea Point: pre-1944. Sea Point,
Kingston Court: 1939. Rosebank,
Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens - Director's House: 1931. Kirstenbosch,
Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens Conservatory: 1997. Kirstenbosch,
Kirstenbosch Centenary Tree Canopy Walk - The Boomslang: 2014. Kirstenbosch,
Kirstenbosch Director's House: 1913.
Kirstenbosch Entrance and Visitors' Centre: n.d.. Kirstenbosch,
Kirstenbosch Gardens - Bell Tower and Gates at entrance: c1930.
Kirstenbosch Gardens - Pearson's Grave: 1916. Kirstenbosch,
Kirstenbosch National Botanic Gdns, hostel, lecture room: 1938. Kirstenbosch,
Kirstenbosch Restaurant: n.d.. Kirstenbosch,
Kirstenbosch Untamed Pavilion: 2010.
Klapmuts for Duckitt, alts: c1800.
Kloof Nek Filtration Bldg for Cape Town City Council with FK Kendall: 1935.
Koch and Dixie building: 1891.
Kodak SA Ltd Bldg: 1919.
Komediehuis, Die Ou: 1801.
Koopmans de Wet House - Iziko Museum: 1790.
Koopmans De Wet House, design of plaque to Dr WF Purcell: n.d..
Kramat of Imam Abdullah Kadi Abdus Salaam - Tuan Guru: n.d.. Bo-Kaap,
Kramat of Moulana Abdul Latief: n.d..
Kramat of Sayed Jaffer: n.d.. Bakoven,
Kramat of Sayed Mahmud: n.d..
Kramat of Sayed Muhammad Hassan Ghaibi Shah: n.d.. Signal Hill,
Kramat of Shaykh Abdurahman Matebe Shah: n.d..
Kramat of Sheikh Noorul Mubeen: n.d.. Oudekraal,
Kramat of Tuan Sayeed Alawie: n.d.. Bo-Kaap,
Kramat Sayed Abdul Haq Al Quaderi: n.d.. Vredehoek,
Kramat Sayed Abdul Malick: n.d.. Vredehoek,
Kramat Sayed Moegsien Bin Alawie Al-Aidurus: n.d.. Mowbray,
Kramat Sheikh Abdul Kader (Biesmillan Shah Bawa): n.d..
Kramat Tuan Kaape-ti Low: n.d.. Signal Hill,
Kramat Tuan Nuruman: n.d.. Bo-Kaap,
L Pitt Bldg: 1936.
Ladies' Christian Home, Vrede St , alt: 1931.
Ladies' Christian Home, Wandel St, adds: 1934.
Lady Grey Infant School: 1857.
Lamson Paragon: 1946. Observatory,
Land and Agricultural Bank of South Africa: 1938.
Langa : block plan and two and three-roomed houses: 1936.
Langham Hotel, alt: 1928.
Law Courts, now Supreme Court: 1906.
Lectern Memorial, part of Delville Wood Memorial: 1932.
Leeuwendal Maternity Home: 1939.
Leeuwenhof: n.d..
Legislative Council Chamber: 1834.
Lennon Ltd, bldg: 1928.
Lennon Ltd, now Gardens Pharmacy: c1896.
Lennon's building, rebuilt: 1885/6. Central,
Liberal Insurance Building, alt: 1938.
Liebenberg & Stander Centre: 1986.
Light Tower: n.d.. Victoria Basin Sea Wall,
Lightfoot Memorial Fountain: 1907.
Lighthouse, Green Point: 1820. Green Point,
Lighthouse, Greenpoint: 2005. Greenpoint,
Lighthouse, Mouille Point: 1842.
Lion Gates: 1805.
Liverpool & London Globe Insr Co Ltd Bldg: 1918.
Lloyd's & Co Bldg: 1901.
Lloyds Bldg: pre-1905.
Lloyds Chambers: pre-1905.
Lodge Southern Cross: 1863.
London and Lancashire House: 1901 : 1927.
London Assr Co: c1939.
Long Street Baths: 1908 : 1926.
Long Street, 117: C1895. Central,
Longkloof Studios: 1920s, 1993.
Loop Street 34-38: c1890s. Central,
Loreto Convent: 1933. Sea Point,
Lutheran Church: 1880.
Lutheran Church: 1791.
Lutheran Church: n.d..
Lutheran Church - Zionskirche: 1897.
Lutheran Church, alt: 1913-14.
Lutheran Church, pulpit: 1905.
Lutheran School: 1892.
Luxury flats, for Messrs Nercom Investment: 1938. Sea Point,
M Beinkinstadt Booksellers: 1901.
M Bloch & Co Bldg: 1918.
Machine Shop for SA Woollen Mills Ltd, ext: 1935.
Magistrate's Court: 1891. Church Square,
Magistrates Court: 2003. Blue Downs,
Magistrates' Court: 1920.
Main Railway Station: 1965.
Main Wharf, repaired: 1821. Table Bay,
Mansion House - Cartwright's Corner: 1968.
Mariendahl Brewery: 1879. Newlands,
Marine Hotel: pre-1911. Sea Point,
Marine Hotel, alt,: 1923. Sea Point,
Marine Research Aquarium: 1938.
Marist Brothers College, Classrooms & Chapel Block: 1935. Rondebosch,
Market House: 1930.
Markham's Bldg: c1900.
Marks Building: 1903-5.
Marsh Memorial Home: 1902. Rondebosch,
Martello Tower: 1795.
Martin Melck House (Old Lutheran Parsonage): 1781.
Maryland Adult Education Centre: pre 1977. Hanover Park,
Masibambabe Secondary School - Additions: 2010?. Bloekombos,
Masjid Boorhaanol Islam: n.d.. Bo-Kaap,
Maskew Miller Bldg: 1926.
Maskew Miller Bldg, proposed: 1926.
Masonic Hall - Lodge de Goede Hoop: 1801.
Maxwell Earp's bldg: 1906.
Maynard House: 1956.
Mechanics Hotel: 1893.
Media 24 - was Naspers: 1962 : 2015.
Medical Association Headquarters: 1935.
Medipark: n.d.. Foreshore,
Mental Hospital, Valkenburg: n.d..
Metal Box Co (Maythams Ltd): n.d..
Metal Box Factory: 1937.
Methodist Church, Plumstead, also pulpit, with E Schauffelberg: 1906. Plumstead,
Methodist Hall and offices: n.d..
Metropolitan Hall: 1938.
Metropolitan Methodist Church: 1876. Central,
Mewway Sports Hall: 1999. Khayelitsha,
Michaelis Gallery: 1916.
Michelsen's: n.d..
Mikado Bldgs, alt: 1938.
Milton Court: n.d..
Mission Hall for Baptist Church, Sheppard St, proposed: c1926.
Mitchell Cott's Bldg, add three storeys, Exchange Place: 1926.
Mitchells Plain Public Transport Interchange: 2007. Mitchells Plain,
Mobil Court: 1987.
Mobil House: 1971.
Modern Motors Ltd: 1934.
Molenvliet: n.d.. Mowbray,
Monavere Flats: 1941.
Montague: pre-1948. Rondebosch,
Monument to Robert Falcon Scott: c1918. Central,
Moore Pottery Studio: n.d.. Rondebosch,
Morrison, McGivern & Henry Bldg: n.d..
Mosenthal's Warehouse: n.d..
Mostert's Mill: 1796.
Mosterts bldg: n.d..
Motor Showroom for Stuttafords: 1925.
Motor showrooms, alt, for Williams, Hunt & Johnson: 1927.
Motor Workshop for HJ Duffet: 1934.
Mount Nelson Hotel: 1898 : n.d. : 1922. Central,
Mountain View Hotel, alt,: 1905.
Mowbray Golf Club House: 1928. Mowbray,
Mowbray School: c1905.
Mowbray Town Hall: c1900. Mowbray,
Mr Barling's Bakery, add: 1939.
Muir Street Mosque: n.d.. District Six,
Mutual Heights: 1934-1936.
Mutual Life Assurance Building: 1862.
Mutual Life Insurance Co of New York, now Nedbank: 1902.
Namaqua House: 1930.
Nasionale Pers Bldg: 1937.
National Art Gallery, first portion: n.d..
National Library of South Africa: 1909.
National Library of South Africa, Cape Town Campus: 1857 - 1864.
National Mutual Building: 1933.
National Mutual Life Assn of Australia Bldg: 1899.
National Mutual Life Association of Australasia: 1905 : 1933.
Natural History Museum: 1893.
Nazareth House: n.d. : 1930.
Nazareth House Chapel: 1910. Vredehoek,
Nedbank Building: 1962.
Nedbank Centre: n.d.. Central,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1815. Central,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1891. Rondebosch,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1893. Tafelberg,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: n.d.. Vasco,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1932. Retreat,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1947. Vrijzee,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: c1900.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1951-1952. Gardens,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1926. Observatory,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1906. Central,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: c1895. Sea Point,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1948. Epping,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk - Groote Kerk Gebou: 1938.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk, Boven or Nieuwe Kerk: 1847.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk, proposed: c1925. Sea Point,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: Synod Hall: 1939.
Nederduitse Hervormde Kerk: 1955.
Nederduitse Hervormde Kerk: 1928. Newlands,
Nelson Mandela Departure Hall: n.d..
New Church: 1890. Tafelberg,
New Hospital for PWD, now the Roads Dept Laboratory: 1921.
New Residence on 151 Main Road: c2017.
New York Mutual Life Bldg: pre-1911.
New Zealand Insurance Co House: 1926.
New Zionist Hall: 1926.
Newlands House, planned restoration: 1938.
Newlands Rugby Ground, pavilion: after 1897.
Newlands Rugby Grounds Stand: c. 1920. district
Newlands Swimming Pool: 1955.
Nico Malan Theatre Complex: 1971.
Niehaus Gallery: 1991 -. Claremont,
Nieuwe Kerk: 1832-1847.
Noeral Mogammadiah Masjied / Nurul Mohammadia Mosque: 1899.
North Assurance Co Bldg: 1926.
Northern Assr Co: 1925.
Norwich House: 1956.
Norwich Union Bldg: c1924.
Norwich Union Building: c1905.
Nos 60-66: 1895.
Nottingham Castle Hotel: 1905.
Nova Scotia Hotel, alt: 1901.
Nugget Polish Co: 1948.
Nugget Polish Co Bldg, ext: 1927.
Nugget Polish Co Factory: 1926.
Number 1 Silo : Allan Gray Headquarters: 2015. V & A Waterfront,
Nurem Islam Mosque, add: 1913.
Nurul Islam / Star of Islam: 1844 : 1895.
Observatory Girls' School: 1902. Observatory,
Oceana House - Holland-Afrika Lijn: n.d..
Oddfellows Hall, alt: 1896.
Odeon Cinema and Thelma Court flats: 1938. Sea Point,
Offices and Stores: c1900.
Ohlsson's Bottle Store, Long St: 1926.
Ohlsson's Cape Breweries Ltd Bldg: c1915-71. Newlands,
OK Bazaars: 1932.
Old House at Home Hotel: 1893.
Old Mutual: 1863.
Old Mutual Head Office: 1906.
Old Playhouse: 1800.
Old Swing Pump: 1812.
Old Town House: 1755.
Olympic Village for Cape Town - 2004 Olympic Bid: 2004. Newlands,
Opera House: 1894.
Opera House reconstruction, Grand Parade: 1930.
Oranjezicht House: n.d.. Oranjezicht,
Orphan House: 1808.
Ottawa House: c1932.
Pair semi-detached houses: 1854.
Palace Hotel: pre 1906. Kenilworth,
Palm Tree Mosque / Jan van Bougies Mosque: c.1825.
Palmerston Hotel: 1890; 1904.
Papenboom: pre1786. Newlands,
Parade: n.d..
Parker's Bldgs for BH Parker: 1903.
Parkland Gdns: pre-1948.
Parliament Building: 1874.
Parliamentary Accommodation: 1984.
Parry, Leon & Hayhoe, warehouse: 1928.
Pearcemot House: c1950.
Pearcemot House: c1940.
Pelyn - House Kendall: c1910. Kenilworth,
Peter Wouterson vault: pre-1827. Green Point,
Phoenix House: 1956.
Pickford's Stores: 1930.
Pickford's Stores: 1935.
Plaza Kinema: n.d..
Plaza Kinema, with KALLENBACH, KENNEDY & FURNER: 1931.
Plaza Kinema, with WALGATE & ELSWORTH: 1931.
Plymouth House, add: 1863.
Polytechnic, Longmarket St: 1918.
Poole's Hotel: 1927.
Poppe, Schunoff & Gutte bldg: 1938.
Portside Tower: 2014.
Porzig and Traub's Showrooms, add: 1935.
Post Office Annexe: n.d..
Presbyterian Church: 1896. Mowbray,
Presbyterian Church: 1899. Mowbray,
Presbyterian Church: 1901/1904. Gardens,
Presbyterian Church: 1899. Woodstock,
Presbyterian Church Hall: 1899. Sea Point,
Presbyterian Church, Langa: 1931. Langa,
Prestwich Memorial: 2001.
Primary School: 1933.
Primary School: 1939. Crawford,
Primary school for boys: 1933. Sea Point,
Primary School, Battery Estate: 1934. Greenpoint,
Prince Street Pump: 1812.
Princess Christian Home: 1902. Mowbray,
Printing Works for African Theatre Ltd: 1937. Central,
Private Residence: n.d.. Oranjezicht,
Private Residence - Castello: c1920. Oranjezicht,
Private Residence - Now Hope House : n.d.. Oranjezicht,
Private Residence - Palermo: n.d.. Oranjezicht,
Proposed flats & garages for Dr JD Wicht: 1934. Kenilworth,
Proposed flats for W Kairowsky: 1928. Sea Point,
Proposed Theatre: 1939.
Protecteur Bldg: 1863. Central,
Provincial Administration Building: 1983. Central,
Provincial Administration Parking Garage and Offices: n.d..
Public Convenience: 1895. Riebeeck Square,
Public Convenience: 1895. Preswitch Memorial Precinct,
Public Convenience: 1895. Woodstock,
Public Convenience, Chalet: 1895. Old Company Gardens,
Public Library, Cape Town: 1857 - 1864.
Public Library, designs for: c1851.
Public School: pre-1910. Observatory,
Queen of the South Hotel, alt: 1906.
Queen Victoria Mosque - Jameah Mosque: 1850 : 1903 : 1914 : 1932.
Queen's Hotel: 1887 : 1923 : 1936. Sea Point,
R Allan bldg: pre-1904.
Radio Broadcasting Studios: 1937.
Railway Station: n.d.. Observatory,
Railway Station, Adderley St: 1876. Central,
Ranana: pre-1948. Kenilworth,
Randall's Hotel, alt: 1937. Rondebosch,
Randall's Hotel, Rondebosch: pre-1944. Rondebosch,
Rane House: c. 1960.
RC Convent, Rondebosch: 1906. Rondebosch,
Red Lion Hotel, reconstructed: 1937.
Reserve Bank: 1926.
Reserve Bank Building: 1928.
Residence - Oranjezicht: c1934. Oranjezicht,
Residence at Newlands: 1933. Newlands,
Residence Belmont Avenue: n.d.. Oranjezicht,
Residence Belvedere Avenue: n.d.. Oranjezicht,
Residence corner Molteno Road and Belvedere Avenue: n.d..
Residence for Messrs Nicola & Knight: 2006. De Waterkant,
Residence Kloof Road: c2017. Clifton,
Retreat: c1901. Newlands,
Retreat Secondary School: 1936.
Rex Trueform: 1948.
Rex Trueform - Queenspark: 1939-1940.
Rheezicht: n.d.. Observatory,
Rheezicht in Gardens for the Public Works Department: n.d..
Rheezicht Windmill: n.d.. Observatory,
Rhodes Building: 1902 : c1950.
Rhodes Memorial: 1906. Rondebosch,
Richard & Barlow, alt: 1937.
Riebeeck Street 61: c1930. Central,
Robbie Nurock Day Hospital: 1905.
Rogelim Old Men's Home: 1896.
Roggebaai Fountain, Foreshore: 1959. Foreshore,
Rondebosch Boys' High School, add: 1932. Rondebosch,
Rondebosch Common: 1855. Rondebosch,
Rondebosch Flour Mill: pre 1949.
Rondebosch Gaol: 1841. Rondebosch,
Rose & Crown Hotel: 1897.
Rose Hotel: 1896.
Rose Hotel: 1907.
Rotunda Hotel, Camps Bay: pre-1944.
Round Church - St John's: 1878. Sea Point,
Round House, The: c1817. Lion's Head,
Row of houses for Mrs Brink: c1900. Sea Point,
Rowan Lane: 1972. Newlands,
Royal Cape Yacht Club House: 1930.
Royal Hotel and Arcade: pre-1888.
Royal Observatory: 1821 : 1894. Observatory,
Royal Standard Hotel, Main Rd, Mowbray: 1935. Mowbray,
Rust-en-Vreugd: 1777.
Rustenburg House: After 1664. Rondebosch,
Ruth Prowse Art Centre: 1960s ?. Woodstock,
SA Breweries Visitors' Centre (Mariendahl Brewery): 1997. Newlands,
SA Cleaning & Dyeing Works: 1914. Woodstock,
SA Fisheries & Cold Storage Co Ltd.: 1901.
SA Glass Works: 1878. Mowbray,
SA Liberal Life Assr Co Ltd Bldg: 1926. Central,
SA Mutual Life Assurance Society Building: 1902.
SA Mutual Life Assurance Society Building - Mutual Heights: 1934-1936.
SA Nectar Tea Co Ltd Warehouse: 1915. Observatory,
SA News Building, now Nasionale Pers: 1904.
SA Party Club, ext alt: 1927.
SA Turf Club, adds, Kenilworth Race Course: 1920.
SA Turf Club, weighing rooms, etc,: 1927. Kenilworth,
Saasveld: 1789.
SABC Building: 1955. Sea Point,
Sacca Ltd Factory: 1978.
SACD Distribution Centre: n.d..
Sacks, Futeran & Co Warehouse: 1932.
Sacks, Futeran & Co Warehouse: 1937.
Sacks, Pateson & Co Building, add: 1928.
Sacred Heart Convent and School: 1877.
SACS Junior School, alt: 1907.
Safmarine House: 1993.
SAFT Offices and Storage: 2019.
Sailors' Home: 1860.
Sailors' Home: 1928.
Salesian Institute: 1910 : 1936.
Sam Newman Ltd Bldg: 1935.
San Marino: n.d.. The Gardens,
San Martin: pre-1948. Sea Point,
Sanderson House: 1911. Bantry Bay (Sea Point Munic),
Sanlam Centre: 1961.
SANTAM - SANLAM Building - Waalburg: 1930. Central,
Santam Headquarters: n.d.. Foreshore,
Sarsfield Hotel, rebuilt: 1905.
SBH Cotton Mills: 1949. Epping,
School: 1931. Plumstead,
School: 1938.
School, Bokmakierie Township: 1937. Cape Flats,
School, Hopefield: 1907.
School, Tamboerskloof: 1905. Tamboerskloof,
Schweppes Factory: pre-1944.
Scott Road Flats : 1971. Kenilworth,
Scott's Building: 1933.
Scottish Tube & Co of SA Head Office: 1939.
Scout Hall: 1964. Newlands,
Sea Point Bathing Pavilion: 1913-1914.
Sea Point Civic Centre and Library: 1970.
Sea Point Girls' School: 1900. Sea Point,
Sea Point High School: 1918. Sea Point,
Sea Point Mansions: 1928.
Seacliffe Hotel, alt: 1936. Sea Point,
Seale's bldg: c1890. Central,
Seaman's Institute: n.d..
Seaman's Institute: 1904.
Seamen's Institute: 1904.
Security Bldgs, Exchange Place: 1939.
Sedgwick & Co Building, adds: 1932.
Service Centres & Pay Points: 2002. Khayelitsha,
Sexton's House: 1787 : 1939. Central,
Sexton's House, Groote Kerk: n.d..
Shakespeare Bar, rebuilt: 1932.
Shalom Place: n.d.. Sea Point,
Shell House: 1929 : 1941. Central,
Shell Petrol Co Offices: 1928. Central,
Sherwood Court: n.d.. Vredehoek,
Shipley & Co: 1902.
Shipley's Place: c1900.
Shop for Goldin & Berman: 1903.
Shop, corner of Loader St (Denmark Terrace): 1919.
Shops, flats: 1937. Claremont,
Shops, Flats and Garage for Messrs Mohamed: 1970. Claremont,
Shops, offices for Methodist Church of SA on site of Metropolitan Hall: 1938.
Shops/houses for H Atkyns: 1912. Three Anchor Bay,
Shops/offices for F Knacke: 1923. Central,
Shops/offices for GD Kearns: 1934.
Shops/stores Teikamdas Bros: 1939. Central,
Shortmarket Street 102: c1859. Central,
Shortmarket Street 108: c1859. Central,
Shortmarket Street 98: 1884. Central,
Silver Tree Bar: n.d.. Central,
Silverstream: 1930s.
Sir Fred Smith store: 1926.
Sir Garnet Hotel: 1895.
Skyscraper block (9 storeys): 1940.
Skyway Hotel - Former Alexandra Hotel: c1954. Central,
Soldiers and Sailors Club (Union Jack Club): 1917.
Solomon Bldg: pre-1911.
Somerset Hospital, First: 1819.
Somerset Hospital, Second: 1862.
South African Assoc Bldgs (?): pre-1901.
South African Breweries Bldg: 1903.
South African College - 'Egyptian Building' - now University of Cape Town Michaelis School of Art: 1839-1841. Gardens,
South African College buildings, Hiddingh Memorial Hall & Library: 1911.
South African College House, as assistant to BAKER & MASEY: 1907.
South African College School, bldgs: 1898.
South African College, Anatomical and Physiological Laboratories: 1913.
South African College, classrooms, assembly hall: 1931.
South African College, ongoing adds/alts: 1898.
South African College, Physics block: 1880.
South African Cultural History Museum: n.d..
South African Hope Hotel: 1906.
South African Library: 1857 - 1864.
South African Library and Museum: 1857 - 1864.
South African Museum: 1893.
South African National Gallery: 1930.
South African Sendinggestig / Missionary Society Museum: 1804 : 1976.
South British Insurance Co Ltd Bldg: 1930.
South-West Bldg: pre-1938.
Southern Life Assr Bldg, St George's St with CH SMITH: 1905.
Southern Life Assr Bldgs, add: 1932.
Southern Life Assurance Building - First: 1905.
Southern Life Bldg: 1937.
Southern Life Centre: 1990.
Southern Sun Cape Sun Hotel: n.d..
Spes Bona Girls' Residence: 1914. Gardens,
Spilhaus & Co Bldg: c1901.
Spracklen's Bldg: 1931.
Spracklen's Building: 1897.
Springfield Terrace: 1992.
SRG House: 1995.
SS Mendi Memorial: n.d.. Rondebosch,
St Agnes RC School, bldg: 1939. Woodstock,
St Agnes's School: 1936. Woodstock,
St Aloysius Hall: 1868.
St Andrew's Chapel: 1856. Newlands,
St Andrew's Church: 1894. Newlands,
St Andrew's Presbyterian Church: 1827-1829.
St Barnabas Church: 1896.
St Clair Court flats: 1930. Sea Point,
St Croix Hotel, add, with DW Thomson: 1931. Green Point,
St Cyprian's Girls School - Addition: 2012. Oranjezicht,
St Cyprian's School Chapel, Nooitgedacht/Platteklip school: 1926.
St George's Cathedral: 1897-1911 : 1930 : 1957-1963.
St George's Centre: n.d..
St George's Church: 1830-6.
St George's Church (designed but not built): 1829.
St George's Church, St George's St: 1830.
St George's Grammar School: 1850. Gardens,
St George's Grammar School: 1904 : 1949-1950.
St George's Home for All Saints' Sisterhood: 1889.
St George's House: 1904.
St George's Orphanage: pre 1895 : 1915.
St George's St 72: c1930.
St James' Rectory, add: 1932. Sea Point,
St James's Church: 1898. Sea Point,
St John's Church: 1853/4-1857. Central,
St John's Mansions: 1935. Sea Point,
St John's Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk - the Round Church: 1878. Sea Point,
St Luke's Church: pre-1911. Salt River,
St Luke's Church: c1900. Salt River,
St Mark's Church: c1865. District Six,
St Mark's Church: 1899. Salt River,
St Mark's Church, District Six: 1887. District Six,
St Martini Evangelical Lutheran Church - Evangelisch-Lutherische St. Martini Kirche: 1851.
St Mary's Cathedral: 1840-51 : 1864 : 1951.
St Mary's Church: 1878.
St Mary's Convent, remodelled: 1920.
St Michael and All Angels Anglican Church: 1898. Observatory,
St Michael's Parish Hall: 1932. Rondebosch,
St Paul's Church: 1878-1880 : c1900. Central,
St Paul's Church - First: 1834. Rondebosch,
St Paul's Church - Second: 1849 : 1854 : 1880. Rondebosch,
St Peter's Church: c1852. Mowbray,
St Philip's Church, Woodstock: 1885. Woodstock,
St Saviour's Church: 1850 : 1871 : 1904. Claremont,
St Stephen's Dutch Reformed Church: 1839.
St Thomas' Church: 1863. Rondebosch,
Stakesby-Lewis Hostel: 1936.
Standard Bakery, now Stewart-Collins Master Builders: 1936.
Standard Bank: 1863. Central,
Standard Bank: 1881 : 1919. Central,
Standard Bank: 1931.
Standard Bank: 1928.
Standard Bank: 1931.
Standard Bank Residence: 1938. Newlands,
Standard Bldg Soc, Exchange Place: 1939.
Standard Hotel: 1897.
Stanhope Bldg: 1938.
Starke Ayres: 1939. Mowbray,
Steenberg: pre-1940. Tokai,
Stellenberg: n.d.. Kenilworth,
Stellenberg Gates: n.d.. Kenilworth,
Stephen McPherson Building: n.d..
Stock Road Station: 2003. Philippi,
Store for Argus Printing & Publishing Co: 1927.
Store for Collinsons: 1936.
Store for Herman & Canard: 1904.
Store for Messrs HC Collison: 1926.
Store for RJ Verster: 1936.
Strand Street 77-81: c1935. Central,
Strandfontein Pavilion: 1984.
Strathcona Flats: c1939.
Sturrock Graving Dock: 1940s.
Stuttaford & Co Ltd Bldg: 1906.
Stuttaford's Bldg, heightened: c1894. Central,
Stuttaford's main building: 1938.
Stuttaford's Warehouse: 1936.
Stuttafords Stores: 1930. Central,
Sun Assurance Co Bldg: 1927.
Sun House: 1995. Tamboerskloof,
Sun Insurance Co Building - Sun Building: 1928 : 1990.
Sunningdale, restored: 1938. Kenilworth,
Sunshine Bakeries Bldg: 1931. Rondebosch,
Surfcrest Flats: n.d..
Sweet Cake Flour & Packing Co, add: 1928.
Swing Bridge: 2019. V&A Waterfront,
Syfret's Trust: 1951.
Syfret's Trust Building: 1930s [?].
Syfrets and Syfrets Bank: 1927.
Synagogue: 1931. Sea Point,
Synagogue: c1907. Central,
Synagogue: 1947. Gardens,
Synagogue: 1862.
Synodical Hall & church offices: 1923.
T Crawford Building: 1938.
T Gibson & Co: 1904.
T Maskew Miller: 1903.
T Maskew Miller bldgs: 1921.
Table Bay Harbour: c1837.
Table Bay Harbour - Eastern Pier: 1940s.
Table Bay Power Station: 1936-1939.
Table Bay Yacht Harbour: 1940s.
Table Mountain Aerial Cableway: 1927-1929.
Table Mountain Restaurant: 1931.
Tafelberg Stevedoring, Forwarding & Shipping Co Bldg: 1939.
Tana Baru Cemetery: n.d.. Bo-Kaap,
Tauber & Corssen Ltd Bldg: 1937.
Taunton Cottage: 1854. Gardens,
Taymouth Castle Hotel: 1894.
TE Lawton Bldg, alt: 1906.
Teachers' Training College: 1930. Mowbray,
Technical Institute: 1919.
Technical Institute, ext alt: 1926.
Telephone Exchange Building: 1961. Sea Point,
Temple Chambers - Board of Executors Building: 1893 : 1929.
Terrace of houses for Chas Mills: 1895.
Terrace, Lee St: c1896.
Terrace, Upper Buitenkant St: c1895.
Terraces, The: 1992.
Thatched Tavern, Old - rebuilt: 1937.
Theatre on Riebeeck Square: n.d..
Theatre Royal, Burg St, rebuilt: 1874.
Thesen's Warehouse - Van Riebeeck House: 1904 : 1953.
Thomas Riddell Bldg: 1900.
Thomson Watson Bldg (the Flat Iron building): 1893. Central,
Three blocks of flats, Oranjehof: 1928. Oranjezicht,
Three Court Yard Houses: 1975.
Thusong Service Center: 2009. Khayelitsha,
TI Fraser's Building: pre-1905.
Tiger Oats: n.d..
Timour House/Hall: c1882. Plumstead,
Tivoli Bldg: 1932.
Tivoli Theatre: 1901.
Tokai Reformatory, adds: 1892.
Tomb Dr J Hutchinson, Belle Ombre, Constantia: 1872.
Tothill's Buildings: 1900.
Town Hall: c1884. Sea Point,
Town Hall, Claremont: 1915. Claremont,
Town Hall, Rondebosch - now Rondebosch library: 1899. Rondebosch,
Townshend-Taylor & Snashall: 1904.
Trafalgar Junior School, adds: 1931.
Tramway Inn: 1895.
Tranmere stable for EL Darter: 1913. Rondebosch,
Tree House: 1999. Higgovale,
Triangle House: 1993.
Trojan Horse Memorial: 2005. Athlone,
Trovato House, stables for W Marshall: 1917.
Trust Bank Centre/Heerengracht Hotel - now ABSA Centre: 1970. Foreshore,
Tuynhuys: 1790.
TW Becket & Co factory (Cape): 1939.
Twin Houses: 1995.
Tygerberg Hospital: 1956.
Unicity Alterations and Additions, to the Civic Centre: 2003.
Unie-Volkspers Beperk: 1937 : n.d..
Union Castle Mail SS Co Bldg: 1897. Central,
Union Castle Steamship Co Bldg: 1918.
Union House: n.d..
United Building: 1936.
United Building Society: 1927.
United Macaroni factories: 1936.
United Tobacco Co (South Ltd): 1914. Woodstock,
United Tobacco Co (South) Ltd Bldg: 1919.
United Tobacco Co Factories: n.d..
United Tobacco Co Factory: 1926. Observatory,
United Tobacco Co factory: 1905.
United Tobacco Co, Leaf Store: 1935.
Universal Bookbinding Co Bldg: 1935.
University of Cape Town: 1916.
University of Cape Town, alt to Hope Mill and other properties: 1919.
University of Cape Town, associate archts with CP WALGATE: 1921.
University of Cape Town, Centlivres Building: 1952?.
University of Cape Town, Chemical Engineering Building: 1960s [?]. Rondebosch,
University of Cape Town, Chemical Engineering Building: 2006.
University of Cape Town, Engineering Block - Snape Building: n.d..
University of Cape Town, Faculty of Education Building: n.d.. Rondebosch,
University of Cape Town, Geology Block and Bolus Herbarium: 1937.
University of Cape Town, Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine: 2006.
University of Cape Town, Jameson Memorial Hall with CP WALGATE: 1931.
University of Cape Town, Leslie Social Sciences Building: c1984.
University of Cape Town, Medical School Library: pre 1954.
University of Cape Town, Michaelis School of Art: 1839-1841. Gardens,
University of Cape Town, Neville Alexander Building: c1984.
University of Cape Town, Pathology block, restored after fire: 1936.
University of Cape Town, Residence for Men 'Driekoppen': 1965.
University of Cape Town, Residence for Women 'Baxter Hall': 1955-1957. Rondebosch,
University of Cape Town, Residence for Women 'Graça Machel': 2009.
University of Cape Town, Robert Leslie Building: 1980.
University of Cape Town, School of Ballet: 1964.
University of Cape Town, School of Music: 1970s.
University of Cape Town, Science Block: 1924.
University of Cape Town, Sports Centre: 1977.
University of Cape Town, The Woolsack Student Housing: c1984.
University of Cape Town, Wernher Beit Medical School, pharmacology wing restr with FK Kendall: 1936.
University of Cape Town, Wilfred and Jules Kramer Law School Building: c1984.
University of the Cape of Good Hope: 1909.
Usasazo Secondary School: 2006.
V&A Waterfront Development: 1989-ongoing.
Valkenberg: n.d.. Observatory,
Van Der Byl's bldg: 1870.
Van der Stel Building: 1953.
Van Riebeeck's Hedge: 1660. Bishops Court, Kirstenbosch,
Van Ryn's Wine & Spirit Co Ltd: 1919.
Vereeniging Milling Co: n.d..
Vesting de Goede Hoop: 1666. Central,
Victoria 73: 2009. Clifton,
Victoria and Alfred Waterfront Development - V&A: 1989-ongoing.
Victoria Junction Complex: 1900s, 1996. Green Point,
Victoria Nurses' Institute: pre-1905 : 1933.
Villa: 1905. Tamboerskloof,
Villa Capri flats: pre-1940. Sea Point,
Villa Capt HAP Burmeister, renov, Green Point: pre-1910.
Villa CB Martin: pre-1910. Rondebosch,
Villa Field: 1898. Oranjezicht,
Villa Miss Stader: pre- 1910. Mowbray,
Villa Murray: 1898. Green Point,
Villa R Law: pre-1910. Claremont,
Villa TE Lawton: 1894. Sea Point,
Villa WJ Millar, Waverley Estate: 1898. Sea Point,
Villa, Oranjezicht: 1905. Oranjezicht,
Villas for F Bakker & Co: 1917. Rondebosch,
Villas for Senator JAC Graaf: 1913. Sea Point,
Vineyard Hotel: additions: 2006. Newlands,
Volkshospitaal: 1928.
Volkskas Bank - now ABSA: n.d..
Volunteer Drill Hall: 1884 : 1888-1889.
Vredenburg: 1789.
W Cooke Bldg: 1901.
W Irving Building - now Carl Hermann Building: 1904.
W Jardine: 1903. Central,
Warehouse: 1853.
Warehouse & Shop for Michelsen's Ltd: 1926.
Warehouse for 'Messaris': 1939.
Warehouse for D Currie & Co, Union Castle Mail Steamship Co: 1896. Central,
Warehouse for SAA Distributors: 1954. Woodstock,
Warehouse for W Searle & Sons: 1898.
Warehouses: c1862. Central,
Wasserfall & Hardick, Funeral Parlour: 1936.
Waterhof: 1919. Oranjezicht,
Waterkant St 92-104, Terraced houses: 1899.
Waterkant Street 48, 48a: pre 1900. Central,
Waterkant Street 50: n.d.. Central,
Waterkant Street 52: pre 1895. Central,
Waterkant Street 54: pre 1895. Central,
Waterkant Street 56: 1905. Central,
Waterkant, corner Bree Street: c1910. Central,
Watershed: n.d.. Waterfront,
Waverley Hotel: 1897. Sea Point,
Waygood Otis, alt: 1930.
Weavers Nest: 2008. Oranjezicht,
Welcome Hotel: 1897.
Welgemeend: 1825. Gardens,
Wellington Fruit Growers building: 1902 : 1934.
Werdmuller Centre: 1976. Claremont,
Wesleyan Church: c1905. Claremont,
Wesleyan Church: 1899. Rosebank,
Wesleyan Church: 1897. Sea Point,
Wesleyan Methodist Church and Hall: n.d. : 1901. Observatory,
Wesleyan Methodist Church hall: 1930. Woodstock,
West Country Hotel, rebuilt: 1937.
West End Public School: 1910-47.
Westbrooke / De Kleine Schuur / now Genadendal: Early C20.
Westerford Arms Hotel, alt: 1937. Newlands,
Western Cereal Co Bldg,: 1926. Woodstock,
Western Cereal Co Steel Grain Tank: 1925.
Westlake Golf Club House: n.d..
Westlake Technical High School: 1968.
Westminster House (G Campbell Dickson Bldg): 1918.
Westoe: n.d.. Mowbray,
Westridge Civic Hall: pre 1979.
WH Smith Warehouse & Offices: Papyrus House: 1919.
WH Struben, Koornhoop (restoration): 1896. Mowbray,
White Cottage: pre-1907. Rosebank,
White House Hotel: 1893.
White House, add: 1927.
White Ryans (later Eastern Prov Bldg Soc): c1905.
Williams, Hunt and Johnson: 1936.
Wilson and Miller Building: 1899. Central,
Winchester Mansions, won limited private comp: pre-1927.
Withinshaw's Building: 1898.
WM Cuthbert & Co Store: 1902.
WM Cuthbert Bldg: 1903. Woodstock,
Wm Spilhaus & Co Warehouse: 1916.
Woodhead Reservoir: 1893-1897.
Woodlands, bldgs, supervising archt/clerk of works cf W WHITE: c1853.
Wool Board Building: 1939?.
Woolsack: 1900.
Woolworth's Bldg: 1936.
Woolworth's new bldg and remodelling of existing bldg: 1933.
Woolworths: 1931.
Woolworths: c1936.
Woolworths Financial Services: n.d..
Workshop for S Kaplan: 1935.
Workshops and flat for A Venier: 1938.
Workwear Factory: n.d..
Wrensch House: n.d.. Observatory,
Wynberg Girls' Public School: 1921-62.
YMCA and Tramway Co Bldg: 1883.
YMCA, alt/add: 1900.
YWCA: 1902.
YWCA: 1937.
YWCA, Long St: 1886.
Zeederberg & Duncan's Bldg, later Civil Service Stores: pre-1907.
Zeenatul Masjid: n.d.. District Six,
Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa - MOCAA: 1921 : 2011.
Zorgvliet - House Sir George Grey: n.d.. Gardens,