Kimberley, Northern Cape

Founded: 1869

Named after John Wodehouse, 1st Earl of Kimberley. He was the British Secretary of State for the Colonies from 1870-1874.


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List of structures:

Alexandersfontein Hotel: 1900-1902 : 1907.
Art Gallery - Drill Hall: 1892.
Bacon factory for P Sussmann: 1927.
Barclays Bank, refront, 'and bringing interior up to date': 1928.
Beit House - Boarding House for Girls' High School: 1909.
Belgrave Hotel: 1896.
Belgravia Junior School: 1939.
Belgravia Public School: 1905.
Better 'Ole: 1934.
Big Hole Museum - Old Town: n.d..
Bishop's Hostel: 1930.
Boys' High School, add wing: 1918.
Brown and Awerbuck Building: 1930.
Carnarvon hospital: 1874.
Cathedral Church of St Cyprian the Martyr: 1907.
Chapel for the Christian Brothers: 1932.
Christian Brothers' College: 1905 : pre-1933 : 1933.
Church of St John the Evangelist: 1905.
City Hall: 1898.
Convent bldg: n.d..
Cottage, Waterworks Reservoir, Newton: 1931.
Cuthbert's Bldg: 1898.
D Isaac's & Co bldg, reconstruction after fire: 1930.
Davidsons Bros, rebuilt: 1930.
De Beer's Mining Co Offices: 1886.
De Beers Consolidated Mines Head Office: n.d. : 1888 : 1904.
Diamantveldt Primary School, add classrooms, principal's offices: 1939.
Diamond cutting factory, reconstruction: 1933.
Diamond strong room blocks, attached to Consolid Bldg: 1934.
Diggers Memorial Fountain: 1960.
Diocesan College, bldgs: n.d..
Dunluce - McGregor Museum: 1897.
Exhibition Bldg for the SA & International Exhib: 1891.
George Bar, reconstruction: 1930.
Gereformeerde Kerk: 1973.
Gereformeerde Kerk - First: 1936.
Girls' High School: c1924.
Girls' High School, bldgs and lych gate: 1913.
Golf Club, extensive alt: 1932.
Good Templar Hall Shops, tend: 1888.
Grand Hotel, alt/add: 1934.
Grand Hotel, alterations: 1888.
Head office for De Beers?: n.d..
Hebrew School and Hebrew Mortuary: n.d..
Henderson's Bldg, ext/alt: pre-1927.
Hendler's Motors: 1928.
Hill & Paddon, tend: 1888.
Honoured Dead Memorial: 1902.
House: 1901.
House Advocate SB Kitchin: 1933.
House Anderson: 1897.
House Boland: n.d..
House C Devenish: c1900. Belgravia,
House for Kimberley Municipality, Riverton: 1931.
House Greenburg: 1912.
House H Harris: Lindow House: 1910. Belgravia,
House Horwitz: 1913.
House J Rothman: pre-1933.
House JA Williams: 1931.
House R Edmunds: 1931.
House S Schrire: 1927.
House Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, MLA: 1930.
House T Ennor: 1900.
House W Blakemore: 1905.
House WB Humphreys, addition of art gallery to house: 1928.
House: The Poplars, add storey: 1928.
John Orr's Store, Jones St, rebuilt after fire: 1930.
Kenilworth Village for miners: 1891.
Kimberley Aerodrome, rest house: 1931.
Kimberley Bldg Soc: 1913.
Kimberley Bowling Green Club: 1898.
Kimberley Boys' High School: 1913.
Kimberley Club: 1888.
Kimberley Girls' High School: 1905.
Kimberley Golf Club, alt: 1930.
Kimberley High School for Boys - Francis Oats Hostel: 1927.
Kimberley Hospital: c1924 : 1934.
Kimberley Hospital, laundry, X-ray bldg: 1927.
Kimberley Hospital, memorial window: 1927.
Kimberley Hospital, operating theatres: 1937.
Kimberley Public Library, add storey, refaced: 1927.
Kimberley Public School: c1901.
Kimberley Sanatorium - McGregor Museum: 1897 : 1907.
Kimberley Siege Memorial: 1902.
Kimberley War Memorial and lamps: 1927.
Large group of shops, opposite John Orr's bldg, Jones St for Real Estate Corp: 1931.
Masonic Hall: 1888.
Masonic Hall - Union Lodge: n.d..
McGregor Memorial Museum: 1907.
Memorial to Col Sir David Harris, KCMG, VD: 1930.
Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre: n.d..
Nazareth House: n.d..
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk - Newton: c1882 : 1926.
Northern Cape Provincial Government Complex: 2004.
Old Boys' War Memorial at the Christian Brothers' College: n.d..
Oliver's Bldg, Jones St, rebuilt after fire: 1930.
Pedestal for Memorial to Maj Gen Sir HT Lukin: 1934.
Permanent Mutual Bldg Soc, tend: 1887.
Phoenix Hotel: 1886. Beaconsfield,
Plaza Cinema: 1927 : 1930-1931.
Presbyterian Church: 1904.
Presbyterian School: 1896.
Princess Christian Ward for Children: 1904.
Queen's Hotel: 1881 : 1882.
R Bodley and Son, undertakers: 1930.
SA Permanent Mutual Bldg and Investment Soc, rebuilt: 1931.
Sacca Ltd Factory: 1970.
Sanatorium: 1897 : 1907.
Savoy hotel: 1901 : 1921.
School for non-Europeans: 1928.
School, Windsorton Rd: 1928.
Shops/offices on site of Central Hotel: 1927.
Sol Plaatje University, Building CX003: c2017.
Sol Plaatje University, Central Campus Building 1 - Moroka Hall of Residence: c2017.
Sol Plaatje University, Central Campus Building C002 - Moroka Hall of Residence Dining Hall, Lecture Rooms and Offices: c2017.
St Alban's: 1913.
St Alban's Church Rectory: 1888.
St Alban's Church with HALLACH: 1886.
St Andrews Presbyterian Church: 1905. Beaconsfield,
St Cyprian’s Cathedral: 1908 : 1926 : 1961.
St Martini Lutheran Church: 1875.
St Mary's Church: 1880.
Standard Bank: 1922.
Standard Bank: 1881.
Standard Bank, alt/add manager's house: 1928.
Star of the West Public House: 1907.
Stock Exchange: 1889.
Store Bros, tend: 1889.
Synagogue: 1901.
The Lodge - now the Duggan Cronin Gallery: 1888.
Theatre Royal: 1887.
Theatre Royal: 1895.
Town hall, adds BC Jubilee wing: 1897.
Victoria Memorial, plinth: 1906.
Villa Kramer, tend: 1888.
Volkskas Bank - now ABSA: 1959.
Warren Private Hotel, ext: 1928.
Weatherby's Garage: 1928.
Women's Hostel, University: c1923.