Balfour, Mpumalanga

List of references:

Picton-Seymour, Désirée. 1989. Historical Buildings in South Africa. Cape Town: Struikhof Publishers. pp 178

List of structures:

Barclays Bank: 1938.
Church Hall: 1939.
Crestlands, House Harold Phillips: 1921.
House AM Mostert - Welgelegen: 1913.
House Boshoff-Mostert: 1938.
House Harold Phillips: Crestlands: 1921.
House JFD Mostert: 1938.
Mostert Family Mausoleum: c1933. district
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1953.
Nederduitse Hervormde of Gereformeerde Gedenksaal - Hall: n.d..
NZASM South-Eastern Line Bridge west of Balfour: 1894-6. district
NZASM South-Eastern Line Culvert west of Balfour: 1894-1896.
NZASM South-Eastern Line Gangers Cottage: 1895.
NZASM South-Eastern Line Railway Station: 1895.
NZASM South-Eastern Line Staff Cottages: 1895.
Post Office: 1937.
Welgelegen - House AM Mostert: 1913.