Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal

Founded: 1838

Named after the Voortrekker leaders Piet Retief and Gert Maritz.

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Click here to read an article THE HILLS ABOVE PIETERMARITZBURG: AN APPRECIATION by P.G. Alcock, May 2014 – see map of hills right. The article is part history part geography.

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List of buildings:

20 Cottages under Corp Housing Scheme: 1925.
8 houses for JW Thrash: 1936.
A Ross Building, add: 1936.
Ackerman's Ltd, alt: 1927.
Alexandra Park Pavilion: 1882.
Alfred Grix, two stores: 1883.
Alms Houses: 1882.
Ansonia Hotel: 1925.
Asylum, Town Hill: 1876.
Bank of Africa (now First National): c1905.
Bishop Jolivet, own residence: c1876.
Bishop of Maritzburg residence: Macrorie House, add: c1880.
Bishop of Natal's house: 1911.
Blocks of stores, reconstr: 1928.
Boys' Model School (Pietermaritzburg Collegiate Institute): 1864.
Boys' Preparatory School: n.d..
Boys' School, Havelock Rd: 1910.
Buchanan Street Baths: 1895.
Building for WS Thrash: pre-1904.
Bulwer Park School: 1910.
Catholic Church: 1927.
Chapel for St Charles' School: c1961.
Children's Home for the Child Welfare Society: 1936. Scottsville,
Christies' Tea Rooms: 1925.
Christmas Stamp TB Preventorium: 1935 : 1939.
Church, proposed, Zwartkop: n.d..
Cloister Sanatorium: 1931.
Clothing factory: 1912.
Colonial Offices: 1895-1901.
Congregational Church: 1895.
Congregational Church, (now the Christian Science Church): 1903.
Convent of St John the Divine, add: 1930.
Convent of the Holy Family: c1876.
Cordwalles Memorial Chapel: 1930s.
Cordwalles School: 1912 : 1930s.
Cosy Inn, Church St: 1937.
County Permanent Bldg Soc, alt: 1928.
Court House and Post Office (now the Tatham Art Gallery): 1864.
Cuthbert's Shop: c1936.
Cuthbert's Shop, adds: c1936.
Cuthberts and Co Building: 1931.
Diamond Jubilee Pavilion: 1897.
Ebenezer Chapel: 1865.
Eeufees Church bldg: 1939.
Fine Fare Supermarket: 1969.
Flats for Senator EW Thrash: 1936.
Gaol: 1878.
Garage and filling station: 1928.
Geo Carter & Co shop: 1927.
Girls' Collegiate School: 1878.
Girls' Model School: n.d..
Girls' School, Berg St: 1905.
Girls' School, Berg St, adds: 1910.
Girls' School, Longmarket St: 1905.
Government House: 1832 : 1901.
Grand Theatre: 1931.
Grey's Hospital: 1855-1862.
Grey's Hospital Ward Block: 1920s.
Harwin's Arcade: 1902.
Hilton Rd Hotel: 1939.
Home for Aged Couples: 1936.
Horse Shoe Hotel: pre-1904.
Hospital adds, Pietermaritzburg: n.d..
House Archdeacon TE Usherwood: n.d..
House CH Stott: 1903.
House Dainton: c1904. Scottsville,
House Dr Lawrence: 1938.
House Dudgeon: 1882.
House EM Greene: pre-1904.
House GF Ravaison: 1927. Scottsville,
House H Benjamin: 1928.
House Harwin: Sans Souci: 1883.
House Hathorn (see Langton, Barboure & Askham): 1927.
House HC Shepstone (Shepstone House) Maritzburg College: 1885.
House HH Taylor: 1927.
House HJ Kent: 1932.
House ME Davis: Morningside: 1921.
House Mrs S Pearse: 1881.
House Mrs Walter Reid: n.d..
House P Davis: pre-1908.
House R Hathorn: 1927.
House R Muir, Town Hill: 1926.
House RF Morcom: Brookley (Brookby?): 1882. Zwaartkop Valley,
House Theophilus Shepstone, Parkside Villa, now house of Administrator of Natal: 1885.
House TP Adnams: 1925. Scottsville,
House WJ Scott: 1880.
House WS Thrash: pre-1904.
Imperial Hotel, add: 1928.
Ireland & Co, add: 1925.
Lambert's Store: 1923.
Land Bank: n.d..
Legislative Assembly: 1889.
Legislative Council House: 1898.
Lewis Stores Ltd: n.d..
Library for Natal Society: 1877.
Lincoln Hotel: 1897.
Lunatic Asylum: c1890.
Lunatic Asylum for Natal Government, Town Hill: 1878.
Magistrate's Court & Govt Offices: 1936.
Main Post Office: 1901.
Marian Villa: c1913.
Maritzburg College, Clark House: 1885.
Maritzburg College, Science block: 1902.
Maritzburg College, Victoria Hall: 1897.
Market Hall: 1884.
Market House: n.d..
Matthew Nathan House, Maritzburg College: 1909.
McCarthy, Rodway Garage: 1937.
Memorial Garrison Church: 1895.
Mental Hospital, Pietermaritzburg: n.d..
Mounted Police Barracks: 1878-1890.
Municipal Offices: 1961. Central,
Museum, Loop St: 1902.
Natal Bank: 1880.
Natal Bank, Church St: c1860.
Natal Creamery House: 1902.
Natal Government Asylum, Home for Private Patients (North Park), Town Hill: 1910.
Natal Government Railways Office: 1905.
Natal Legislative Council Bldg: 1883.
Natal Tanning Extract Co (NTE) Offices: 1936.
Natal University College: 1910.
Natal University College, Club House/Students' Union: 1938.
Natal University College, Library and Fine Arts Block: 1936.
Nathan's Chambers, add: 1925.
Native Beer Manufactory, bldg: 1923.
Native High Court: 1899.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1857-1861.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1922. West,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk - Gedenkkerk: 1961-1962.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk - Voortrekker Kerk: 1841.
Northdale Assessment Centre for Disabled: 1990. district
Office Block & Flats for HG Drew: 1927.
Office HM Bale: 1880.
Officers' quarters: 1886.
Officers' quarters, for Govt Works: 1886.
Offices: 1930.
Offices for AH Hime: 1925.
Ogilvie's store for Miller Hathorn, shop façade: 1900.
Pietermaritzburg Boys’ High School: n.d..
Police Station: 1882.
Presbyterian Church, Church St: c1852.
Presbytery, Catholic Church: 1922.
Presbytery: St Mary's Church: c1876.
Proposed courthouse and offices: 1882.
Public Hall: 1904. Zwaartkop Valley,
Railway Institute: n.d..
Railway Station: 1892.
RC Sanatorium: 1897.
Reserve Bank: n.d..
Roman Catholic Cathedral: 1927.
Royal Hotel, add: 1936.
SA Mutual Life Assurance Society Building: 1939.
SABC Studios: n.d..
SAR&H proposed children's home, Fort Napier: 1928.
School of Architecture, Natal: 1935.
Scott's Theatre: 1894.
Seventh Day Adventist Church: 1905.
Shippey's Warehouse: 1901.
Shops/flats for HT Wade: 1928.
Shops/offices, with Street-Wilson: 1889.
Shree Shiva Subrahmanya temple: 1915.
Shree Shiva Subrahmanya temple: 1915.
Simmer & Jenkin bldg: 1886.
St Alphege's Church: 1927. Scottsville,
St Charles College (became the Ansonia Hotel): c1899.
St Charles College, additions to original buildings: c1914.
St Charles Grammar School: 1876.
St John's School: 1975.
St Mary's Catholic Church: pre-1879.
St Mary's Church, Pietermaritzburg, original bldg: 1860.
St Mary's Native Church: 1883.
St Patrick's Church, Victoria Rd: 1908.
St Peter's Church: 1849.
St Peter's Church, prepared design for addition of transepts and a steeple: 1863.
St Saviour's Cathedral: 1868 : 1876 : 1898.
St Saviour's Nursing Home and Private Hospice: pre-1911.
Standard Bank: 1878.
Standard Bank: 1867.
Standard Bank Pietermaritzburg: 1880.
Standard Bank, new roof and interior: 1906.
Stanley Motors, add: 1937.
Stewarts and Lloyds Building: 1928.
Subramanya and Mareeamman (Mariamman) Temple (towers only): 1909.
Supreme Court building: n.d..
Supreme Court Conversion to Tatham Gallery: 1990.
Theatre, opp Town Hall, for African Theatres: 1926.
Town Hall - First: 1891-1893.
Town Hall - Second: 1899-1901.
Town Offices, add storey: 1882.
University of Natal, Library: n.d..
Victoria Chambers: 1899.
Victoria Club: 1895.
Victoria Club: 1879.
Victoria Club: c1923.
Victoria Club, Ladies' Lounge: 1936.
Villa Rose Mount: 1884. Zwaartkop Valley,
Voortrekker Museum: 1910.
Wesleyan Metropolitan Hall: 1902.
William & Lambert's Store: 1928.
Wykeham School for Girls, proposed add: 1927.
Wykham Lodge: 1884.
YMCA: 1902.
YMCA: 1897.
YMCA: c1906.
YMCA, Longmarket St: 1880.
YMCA, Received permission to remove two foundation stones: 1903.
YWCA bldg: 1912.
YWCA Hall, Chapel St: 1935.
Zulu War Memorial: 1883.