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Medals of Honour of the SA Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns


A medal of honour is awarded by the Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns to a person or persons excelling in cultural fields other than the purely literary or scientific, viz. sculpture and architecture; the theatre (acting and production); motion pictures (both amateurs and professionals); painting; music (composition and performance, both instrumental and vocal). Awards that have have been made to persons featured on this site are as follows:

Medal of Honour for Fine Art:
Johann Max Friedrich (Jean) WELZ - 1969

Medal of Honour for Architecture:
Gerard MOERDIJK – 1936
WH LOUW – 1940
DF Hugo NAUDé – 1953
Norman EATON – 1960
HAI WATSON (and sculpture) - 1963
Prof GE PEARSE – 1964
W Gordon McINTOSH - 1970
Gawie FAGAN - 1975
Danie THERON - 1977
Wilhelm MEYER - 1980
Jan VAN WIJK - 1983
Dirk van Velden VISSER - 1986
Bannie BRITZ - 1992
Samuel PAUW - 1995
Roelof S UYTENBOGAARDT - 1998 (posthumously)
Schalk LE ROUX - 2002
Daniel Pieter KESTING - 2004

Exceptional Medal of Honour for the active preservation of architecture in South Africa:
Anton Rupert - 1992

Medal of Honour for Engineering:
Dr CM KRüGER – 1959

Exceptional Medal of Honour for Achievement in Cultural History:
D Bax - 1967
W Punt - 1967
Mary Alexander Cook - 1969

The extended list of honours was submitted by Schalk LE ROUX.

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