A variant within the Modern Movement where the tenets of modernism are tempered by considerations of local material, techniques, traditions and climate. The Pretoria School, epitomised by Norman EATON, moved away from the aesthetic of large expanses of window and clipped eaves towards an architecture of deep-set or screened windows and deep eaves, verandahs and pergolas. Materials of choice were stock-bricks, gumpoles, stone, rough-cast exposed concrete. Traditional elements such as downpipes and shutters were employed, although reinterpreted in modern idiom (Chipkin, C. 1993. Part Seven: Post-war Johannesburg. Chapter 13 - Out of Africa & Chapter 14 Patio Houses. In Johannesburg Style. Cape Town: David Philip; Fisher, R. 1998. The Third Vernacular: Aspects of an emergence. In Fisher, R, le Roux, S & Mar?, E. (Eds). Architecture of the Transvaal. Pretoria: Unisa)

Buildings on this website in Regionalism style
Netherlands' Bank: Bank of Netherlands - Nedbank: 1953. Pretoria Central, Pretoria, Gauteng
Sea Point Bathing Pavilion - Second: c1950. Cape Town, Western Cape
Sea Point Civic Centre and Library: 1970. Cape Town, Western Cape